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    • NXT 2D/4D Controller Factory Reset

      Keri recommends resetting NXT controllers the first time these controllers are powered on. Also, under certain circumstances NXT controllers may need to be reset. Note: Factory resetting a standard NXT controller will restore the controller to a ...
    • Standard NXT Controller Setup

      NXT Controller Setup NXT 4 door controller Introduction This document covers the basic configuration of NXT controllers in Doors.NET software. It assumes Doors.NET has already been successfully installed on your host PC, the software license has been ...
    • Do you have a wiring diagram for the RM3 module?

      Here is a wiring diagram for the NXT RM3 Reader Interface Module: Reader Wiring
    • Doors.NET - Cardholders Block Enrollment

      This video explains how to enroll a block of Keri NXT, Keri MS or 26-bit Wiegand format credentials:
    • LAN-520 - Quick Start Guide

         1.0 Introduction The following steps explain how to setup a PXL-500 in the Doors.NET software using a LAN-520 module. It assumes you have worked through the steps to install and license the Doors.NET software and that you have also setup the PXL ...