Adding Non-26-bit Cards

Adding Non-26-bit Cards

If you do not know the programmed card format


One of the main benefits of the USB enrollment reader is to enroll 'unknown formats' - for example Mifare CSN (Card Serial Numbers) - These are usually 32 bits.

Note: PXL controllers will only read a maximum of 31 bits but because the unique card serial numbers are non-sequential there is next-to-no chance that the detected numbers will be duplicated.


Enrollment with PXL and NXT Controllers


  1. From Cardholders, click the Add button.


  2. Enter a first and last name (optionally a middle name).
  3. Deselect Calculate Internal Number.

    USB - Non 26 bit

  4. Present a hold the card near to the USB Enrollment reader.
  5. The reader will beep and the LED will go green.
  6. Press the USB Enroll button.
  7. The entire programmed card number will be read and will display in the Cardnumber field.

    Non 26-bit Card Detected

  8. Set the status to active then click the Add Card button.

    Add Card Number

  9. Save the card record.
  10. Assign an access group.
  11. The card will automatically be sent out to the network.

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