Allegion Lock Operating Modes

Allegion Lock Operating Modes

Doors.NET software integrates seamlessly with the Allegion AD-series, NDE and LE series of wireless locks.

The Allegion LE/NDE Series of locks support several different operating modes that can be accessed via a right-click on the reader: Select Mode >> Extended and you will see a list of options.

Note: Different type of lock offer different combinations of operating modes.


Lock TypeSupported Reader Modes
NDE SeriesClassroom
LE LEDClassroom
LE IPBClassroom, Privacy, Office and Apartment
LE DeadboltClassroom, Privacy and Apartment


Classroom Mode

In Classroom mode: The outside lever is locked and unlocked by key. The inside lever is always unlocked for immediate egress.

Privacy Mode

In Privacy Mode, the lock is secured as part of the Privacy Mode process. When Privacy Mode is disabled, if the lock is still within an auto-unlock period, the lock will unlock (unsecured). If the lock is NOT within an auto-unlock period when Privacy Mode is disabled, then the lock will stay secured.

Note: A door position sensor (DPS) Must be installed for Privacy Mode to operate. The door must be in a closed state to enter Privacy Mode.

Apartment Mode

When the lock is set to Apartment Mode the door automatically unlocks when opened and does not re-lock. A valid credential must be presented to the exterior reader or an interior button must be pressed to re-lock the door.

Storeroom Mode

In storeroom mode the outside lever is fixed. Entrance is by key only. Inside lever is always unlocked for immediate egress.

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