Cardholder's Photo Recall

Cardholder's Photo Recall

Photo Recall

Built into the software is the ability to be able to show a card holder's photograph whenever access is granted or denied. The photograph will display on-screen and this can be assigned to all, or selected readers on the system. This is useful for visually confirming the identity of a cardholder as they enter a building - allowing an operator to check the credential is being used by the correct person.

Setup Photo Recall

  1. Click Setup >> System Options.

Photo Recall step 1

  1. Highlight the Photo Recall option then enable the feature.

Photo recall step 2


Display Options

  • Follow Live Event Filter- The feature will only process the transactions that appear in live events.
  • Layout - There are many different photo layout and filmstrip options to choose from, depending on how many cardholder photos you wish to show at once, and whether the filmstrip orientation will be horizontal or vertical.
  • Show at Start-up - Shows the photo-recall strip whenever the software is started-up.
  • Transaction Type - The Type of transactions that will display a photo.
  • Use Device Type Filters - The Photo Recall feature can be controlled by Device Types - If this option is set to yes a device type will need to be assigned to a reader with the Show Cardholder selection made. The default setting is No - so cardholder photos appear from all readers.

Tooltip Options

  • Show on Mouse Click - Shows the tool-tip on mouse click for the selected photo.
  • Show on Mouse Hover - Shows the tool-tip on mouse hover for the selected photo.
  • Show Thumbnail - Shows a thumbnail of the card holder's photo inside the tool-tip.
  • Thumbnail Size - The size of the thumbnail to display in the tool-tip.
  1. As a test example make the following selections:

Photo recall step 3

  1. As 'Use Device Type Filters' has been enabled you now need to go and setup a new Device Type (Setup >> Device Types).
  2. Add a new Device Type, give it a meaningful description, then place a check-mark against 'Show Cardholder'.

Photo recall step 4

  1. This device type should then be assigned to any reader you choose.
  2. Highlight the reader in the hardware tree and in the reader properties scroll down to Monitoring >> Device Types and select the Photo Recall device type.

Photo recall 5

  1. The last step is to open an existing card record, click on the Photo ID tab so that you can assign a photograph to the cardholder.

Photo Recall 6

  1. By default, it will search the following directory C:\Keri\DoorsNET\Photos - and this is where we recommend storing all cardholder images.
  2. Select the image and then simply present the card at the designated reader.

Photo Recall 7

  1. The cardholder image will appear in the filmstrip in the User Interface... hover your mouse over the image to observe the way the tool-tip options handle the display of
    the thumbnail and the associated event information.
                          Photo Recall 8
  1. The photo strip will appear for any cardholder that has a photograph assigned and who gains access at this reader. For other readers to also use this feature simply assign the photo recall device type.

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