Design Mode - Cardholder Templates

Design Mode - Cardholder Templates

1.0 Introduction

You can use Cardholder Templates and Design Mode to automatically assign the same access group/groups to all block enrolled cards, to assign them with the save company contact information, set certain Advanced cardholders settings or various other settings, which can potentially save a lot of administration time.


2.0 Creating Default Settings for Block Enrolled Cards

  1. From Home >> Cardholders, open any existing cardholder record.
  2. On the General page click the edit icon from the Templates selection.


  3. Click Add Template, change the name of the new default template, then save.

    Using Templates_Image 2

  4. Close the cardholder templates page to return to the cardholder record.
  5. Select the newly created template from the Templates drop-down list.
  6. Close the cardholder templates page to return to the cardholder record.
  7. Select the newly created template from the Templates drop-down list.
  8. Click the Design Mode icon DM Icon (the toolbar should state Design Mode).

    Design Mode - Titlebar

  9. Click on the access rights tab and select the access group/ or groups you wish to automatically assign to a block of cardholders. Then save.

    Using Templates _ Image 3

  10. When you save the settings you will see a message stating you are about to make changes to the selected cardholder template. Click Yes to commit the settings.

    Using Templates_ Image 4

  11. You can also create other default settings that will automatically be assigned to new block enrolled cards. For instance; Company Name, Company Address, Work Phone Number and various Advanced Settings.
  12. Click the Design Mode icon again DM Icon  to return to standard editing mode.
  13. Click the Block Enroll icon (again, you must have Advanced View enabled) otherwise this icon will be greyed-out.

    Using Templates_ Image 5

  14. When you work through the Block Enrollment process ensure you select the cardholder template that you recently created and edited.

    Using_Templates_ Image 6

  15. When Block Enroll is complete, open any of the newly created cardholder records.
  16. You will notice that all the cardholder records have the same settings (such as the same access group assignment).

    Using Templates_Image 7

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