Cardholder Enrollment - Block Enrollment

Cardholder Enrollment - Block Enrollment


Block Enrollment allows an Operator to create a generic set of credentials (using consecutive credential numbers) that can be, in turn, issued on an as-needed basis.


Enable the Advanced View feature set to perform Block Enrollment.

If you are using Doors.NET standard version then the Block Enroll icon will be grayed-out until Advanced View has been enabled.



Block Enrol Greyed Out



Block Enrollment Procedure

  1. Click the  icon to begin Block Enrollment. A stand alone Block Enroll window opens.

Block Enrol - Image 1


  1. Enter Block Enrollment information:
  • Default Text for First Name/Last Name - this text will appear in the cardholder database with the card number appended to each text entry. Keri recommends using an obvious place holder name until the individual credentials are issued to a user.
  • Template - defines the Activation Date and Expiration Date for the enrolled credentials. Select the Template to use for enrollment. The Default Templates set the Activation Date as the date the enrollment is performed and sets the Expiration Date as 365 days from enrollment. The Total Access template selection automatically sets Total Access to the cardholder(s).
  • Number of Records - enter the number of credentials to be enrolled.


  1. Enter Credential information:
  • Add Credentials Check-Box - Click the check-box to assign credentials to each enrollment entry.
    • Starting Cardnumber - enter the starting card number. Block Enrollment credentials are entered in sequential, numeric order.
    • Status - select the Status to apply to all credentials.
  • Calculate Internal Number Check-Box - Click the check-box to have Doors.NET automatically calculate the credential's Internal Number as part of the enrollment process.
    • Credential Type - select the credential type: Keri NXT, Keri MS, or 26-bit Wiegand.
    • Facility Code - enter the facility code.


  1. Click Start.
  2. Verify the entered information is correct.



  1. Click OK to perform the Block Enrollment or click Cancel to correct an entry.
  2. The bottom of the Block Enrollment window displays a green progress bar.
  3. Click the X-box to close window once enrollment is complete. The Block Enrollment entries now appear in the Doors.NET cardholder list.





MS Card Enrollment


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