Doors.NET - Admin Client Only Install

Doors.NET - Admin Client Only Install

This guide explains how to install only the administrative client onto a PC, such as for installations where multiple client connections are required.

Note: A client is any PC that has the Doors.NET software installed. There can be more than one admin client but 1 x client connection is included. Additional, concurrent clients must be enabled on your Doors.NET license.

Important Note: If the host PC/Application Server PC software is updated you are also required to update any client PCs as well.

Installation Procedure via Webinstaller

  1. Download the latest version of Doors.NET from the website. Keri recommends downloading the full software installer (3.81GB) especially if you are unsure if the host PC has a fast, unrestricted internet connection.

    Note: You will need to be registered for the website and then login with your username and password.

  2. Typically the downloaded file will be found in the Downloads folder on the PC.
  3. Double-click the self-extracting file.
  4. Wait a few moments while the file extraction initializes, then click the EXTRACT button.
  5. You can also right-click the file and select 'Extract All'.
  6. Once all the files have been downloaded, click on the DoorsNETInstaller executable.
  7. The installer will initialise.

  8. Welcome screen - The version to be installed will be displayed - along with the detected Windows operating system.

    Client Only - Welcome

  9. Software License Agreement - Read through the agreement and place a check mark in the confirmation box.

    Client - License Agreement

  10. Customer Registration - Enter a user name and (optionally) and organization name.

    This is not the username that is used to log into Doors.NET. It is just for registration purposes.

  11. Type of Installation - Select Basic Installation.

    Client - Type of Install

  12. Verification - You should see the admin client, highlighted in green on the left. The installer will also install the report client, rollcall client and video client. Place a checkmark in the verification box to proceed.

    Client - Verification Page

  13. Destination Folder - This is the directory for all the supporting software files and folders (such as the help file). This should ideally be left at the default directory.

    Client - Destination Folder

    Note: You can install the client into a folder on a USB drive/memory stick. These files could then be manually copied onto the local drive of remote workstations to save you having to run the installer multiple times at each of the remote workstations.

  14. Shortcut Selections - Choose to create shortcuts for the Desktop and Start Menu, or both.

    Client - Shortcuts Selections

  15. Ready to Install - Simply click on the INSTALL button and the admin client installation will begin.

    Client - Install Button

  16. Installation of the client should take somewhere between 15 and 20 minutes (depending upon the specification of your PC). When installation completes you will see a recommended option to run the License Manager. This is not necessary for a client-only install so click the Finish button and you will be ready to use the client.

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