Doors.NET - Download and Install SQL Studio Manager

Doors.NET - Download and Install SQL Studio Manager

Install Studio Manager on the Doors.NET Host PC (via License Manager)

If you have recently installed on the host PC you can then quite easily download and install Studio Manager via the License Manager.

  1. From Windows Start menu go to Doors.NET >> License Manager.
  2. On the right, you will see the 'Database' section - The red text above the Install SQL Studio button should state: 'Not Installed'.
  3. Click the Install SQL Studio Button.

    SQL Studio Not Installed

  4. First the installation files will be downloaded.
  5. Once downloaded, click the install SQL Studio button again to perform the installation.
  6. Installation of SQL Studio Manager should take just a few minutes.

  7. Once complete, close then re-open License Manager.
  8. Select Application Server again and SQL Studio should be indicated as installed.

    DB Now Installed
  9. You can now close the License Manager.

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