Doors.NET - Hardware Gateway

Doors.NET - Hardware Gateway

1.0 Introduction

The Doors.NET Gateway is a service that provides the communication between the software and the hardware (the controllers, readers, I/O modules, etc).


Gateway Schematic


Each hardware types has its own gateway type (there is a PXL gateway, NXT gateway, Neutron gateway and an MSC gateway) the MSC gateway is used to communicate to NXT Mercury-Inside and Real Mercury (SCP) controllers.


2.0 Gateway Limitations

  1. A new Doors.NET system comes with a single gateway. Additional gateway connections can be purchased and enabled on you license.
  2. You can have multiple gateways installed on the host PC but they must be OF DIFFERENT TYPES.
  3. Multiple gateways of the same controller type must be running on separate PCs (for example: you might have the Application Server, Database and PXL gateway on the host PC and then a second PXL gateway running on a second, remote PC.
  4. Neutron Gateways cannot co-exist with other controller gateway types. When the Neutron gateway is enabled and installed ONLY Neutron controller types can be used on that system.

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