Doors.NET - Licensed Applications

Doors.NET - Licensed Applications

Licensed Applications

The Licensed Applications are stand alone programs or plug-ins that add features or extend functionality of Doors.NET - They are not included with the standard version of Doors.NET and must be enabled on your license key.


Licensed Applications List

Licensed Applications List



The following applications are available:



The MSC and Mercury SCP hardware support the ability between two doors which are connected to the same controller. The principle of an airlock is that only one of the two doors can be opened at any one time. When one of the doors is open the opposite door will not grant access. This feature uses the 'Area Control' license option.


Area Control

Area Control is supported on MSC and Mercury SCP hardware. It allows you to define areas for your system. These areas can be defined with occupancy counts, which when combined with the Local Linkage option can enable you to setup various functions; such as automatically switching off lights or controlling how many people can enter a certain area of a building or a car park for example.


Advanced Local Linkage

Customize the application to automate and action almost any task that the system can perform from almost event event that the system can generate (only available with NXT Mercury Powered (MSC) or Mercury (SCP) hardware.


Advanced Situation Manager

Enables the Situation Manager toolbar and configuration settings. Situation Manager allows you to define different threat levels for your facility. It automatically changes the mode of designated readers at the press of a button.


Credential Types

The Doors.NETâ„¢ system supports Keri NXT, Keri MS and Wiegand formats. The Credential Types editor allows you to define the bit pattern for custom card formats.


Elevator Control

Extensive Elevator Control featured available when using NXT MSC or Mercury SCP hardware types. NXT 4x4 modules and NXT GIOX modules can be used for various sized elevator applications.


EVR (Event Video Recording) Client

Enhances the capabilities of existing video solutions and provides direct connection and support for many popular IP cameras and NVRs including Aira, Milestone, Aimetis and Symphony. View live videos streams and control PTZ cameras from the EVR Client.


Global Linkage Service

provides a way to automate system functions and notifications. System events are used as triggers to action defined Global Linkage macros. See the Global Linkage Overview for additional information about what you can do with this feature.


(LDAP) Lightweight Directory Access Protocol

provides integration between Doors.NET software and a Microsoft Active Directory. It creates Doors.NET cardholders by importing Active Directory users, plus it synchronizes changes, either from Active Directory to Doors.NET or from Doors.NET to Active Directory.


Multiple Administrative Clients

Allows for the connection of multiple clients - allowing multiple system operators to administer the system simultaneously.


Multiple Hardware Platforms

The system supports multiple gateways, including co-habiting gateways (of different hardware types) - Note: Only one gateway of each hardware type can be installed per PC.


Photo ID/ Badging Client

Photo identification credentialing system. Includes a template designer, photo capture tool, signature capturing, bar coding, water-marks, custom logos, backgrounds and fonts. Formats can be automatically assigned to card holders based on user-specified criteria. Photo ID is compatible with a wide range of capture devices and printers on the market today.


Professional Report Client

A report designer that allows you to create professional looking reports from scratch or to modify any of the default reports. The designer is easy to use with the drag and dropinterface, the property toolbox, and the standard text edit commands. You can add your own custom logo and change the header and footer text. Reports can be saved for later use or exported.


Rollcall Client

The Roll Call client has been developed to provide you with a graphical representation of occupancy within defined areas of a facility, including last known location of a cardholder. Roll Call areas can be setup to include all the system readers, or just readers within a defined area. Rollcall Advanced gives you real-time muster report with occupancy count and automatic printing of the occupancy list (i.e who is still in the building).


System Calendar

Allows you to automate system tasks, such as performing a full system backup at the end of the day. Or periodically synchronizing the time and date stamps of all the controllers on the network which is very important if Global linkage actions are defined for the system.


Time and Attendance Sync Service

Provides a generic interface directly to a SQL or Oracle time and attendance database. This database is then interrogated by a third-party Time and Attendance software package to produce Time and Attendance reports.

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