Doors.NET - Software Installation Guide

Doors.NET - Software Installation Guide

1.0 Introduction

The Doors.NET software can be downloaded from the software downloads section. You can download just the installation file or you can download the entire installation file set (which will allow you to perform the installation on a PC that does not have an internet connection).

Doors.NET installation and controller configuration is a three step process. Each of these steps has its own document, with controller configuration broken into separate documents per hardware type.


 Software installation – DoorsNET_Software_Installation.pdf (p/n 01565-001 – this document)

 License manager and gateway configuration – License_Manager_and_Gateway_Configuration.pdf (p/n: 01565-002)

Controller configuration


Basic PXL Configuration In Doors.NET pdf (p/n: 01238-001)

Basic NXT Configuration In Doors.NET (p/n: 01238-002)

Basic Mercury-Powered NXT Configuration In Doors.NET (p/n: 01238-003)


This document describes the standard software installation process for Doors.NET


Note: PXL-based sites with the following types of controllers are NOT supported
in Doors.NET at this time:


• PXL-510 controllers for alarm panel control

• PXL-500G controllers for gate control

• PXL-250 controllers (this product line is obsolete)


2.0 Host PC Requirements

This section provides recommended PC hardware requirements to ensure acceptable software system operation in typical access control applications using Doors.NET software. Access control applications with considerably large numbers of controllers and/or cardholders should consider upgrading from these minimum recommendation. Operating System compatibility is listed in the next section.



  • PC capability, cost, and accessibility is constantly changing. This document provides Keri's recommendations, but is subject to change as PC hardware changes.

  • Although a hard-disk drive (HDD) is certainly acceptable for running Doors.NET, compared to a solid-state-drive (SSD) it will take considerably longer to install Doors.NET due to HDDs having a much slower read/write speed. If the host PC has an SSD you can expect the software to install within 15-20 minutes.


2.1 Standard Hardware Requirements

• Ethernet Adapter

• Internet connection for software download and license activation

• Keyboard, Mouse, Display (recommended 32" or larger monitor)

• USB Port(s)


2.2 Server PC or Combined Server/Client PC (Typical System)

• Microprocessor - Intel i5, 2.4GHz or better, 64-bit

• Memory - 8GB or greater

• Hard Drive - 500GB or greater


2.3 Server PC or Combined Server/Client PC (Large System)

The following PC specifications are recommended for larger systems; such as a system with a high number of controllers and/or cardholders or one that uses multiple hardware gateways or a video gateway.


• Microprocessor - Intel i7, 2.6GHz or better, 16MB cache or greater, 64-bit

• Memory - 16 GB or greater

• Hard Drive - 1 TB or greater

• Video

- either on-board or plug-in card that supports a minimum resolution of 1280x1024

- a full EVR client (a licensed option) requires a video card with 64 MB or greater of RAM


2.4 Client-Only PC Requirements

• Microprocessor - Intel Pentium, 2.4 GHz or greater, 4 MB cache or greater

• Memory - 4 GB or greater

• Hard Drive - 500GB or greater


2.5 Anti-Virus Software

When installing the Doors.NET software, Keri systems requires you to temporarily disable any anti-virus software that is running on the PC. Failure to do this can cause the software installation to fail. Once the software installation has completed you would then need to add each of the Doors.NET executable (.EXE) files as exceptions and you can then re-enable the anti-virus software. Due to the vast array of different vendors and anti-virus products we cannot provide detailed instructions on how to temporarily disable your anti-virus software.


2.6 Windows Updates

To ensure proper Doors.NET operation the PC’s operating system and .NET platform must be up to date with ALL Microsoft service packs and security updates. Windows Update may need to be run multiple times to ensure all updates are applied before installing Doors.NET. PCs that are not up to date prior to beginning the installation process will require additional software installation time.


2.7 Administrative Rights

When installing or using the Doors.NET software you should be logged into the host PC with full administrative rights.


2.8 If Installing on a Windows Server Operating System

  • It is strongly advised, if you are installing Doors.NET on a Windows Server operating system (2012, 2016, 2019, etc) that you have an IT person that is a Microsoft Certified Professional present during the install of Doors.NET. Windows Server operating systems have unique requirements that certified IT professionals are trained to handle.

1.0 Download the Current Version
of the Doors.NET Software

Note:  to download the software from the  you will need to create a free account on the site so you can log in with your user name and password.
  1. Open a web browser and in the address field, type in
  2. At the very top of the website page you will see: "MEMBER LOGIN". Click this link.

  3. Log in with your registered username and password.

  4. Click the link to go to the software downloads page.
  5. The most current version will be displayed and links to the installer files will be listed near the top right of the page. The most current version at the time of writing is v4.9.0.
  6. There are two download options:

    - The software installer executable file only (355MB) - This executable installs Doors.NET on your host computer. It does NOT have all the possible options and extras that are found on the DVD. You must have an active Internet connection to complete this process.

    - The full software installer (3.83GB) - This executable installs Doors.NET on your host computer. This executable includes every required installation file plus files for every option and feature that could be installed, all in one, large download file.

    Software Installation Files

  7. Download the relevant file. We recommend downloading the full software installer (3.83GB) especially if you are unsure if the host PC has a fast, unrestricted internet connection.
  8. Typically the downloaded file will be found in the Downloads folder on the PC.

    Installer file


2.0 Install the Doors.NET Software
  1. Double-click the self-extracting installation file.
  2. Wait a few moments while the file extraction initializes, then click the EXTRACT button.
  3. You can also right-click the file and select 'Extract All'.
  4. Once all the files have been downloaded, click on the DoorsNETInstaller executable.
  5. The installer will initialize.


  6. For an existing system you will be notified that the Doors.NET Windows services are still running. At this point you can go to Control Panel >> Administrative Tools >> Services, stop the Doors.NET services and then click retry, or you can just click the CLOSE button, the installer will continue but once you have completed the installation/upgrade you would then need to restart the PC.

  7. If you are upgrading an existing installation the installer program first reviews the firmware revisions for the hardware in the program database and notifies you of any required firmware updates. Click START to begin the software installation. A new installation skips this step.


  8. Once started, the installer uninstalls the previous version of Doors.NET then performs a quick installation file verification and prepares the file set for installation.
  1. The Welcome Window appears once the installation is ready to begin.


  1. Review the version listing to confirm the revision of the software to be installed.
  2. Click NEXT to continue to the License Agreement.

Note: You must accept the terms of the License Agreement to install this software. Keri recommends reading through the License Agreement in its entirety before accepting the terms.


  1. Click the check-box to accept the License Agreement.
  2. The software release notes information will be displayed next.

    Release Notes

  3. Click NEXT to enter Customer Registration information.


  1. Enter your User Name and (optionally) an Organization Name.
  2. Click NEXT to select your Type of Installation.


  1. Click the Radio Button corresponding to a Full Installation.
  • Full Installation installs all software components for a standard installation onto the PC.
  • Basic Installation installs only the user administrative client onto the computer.
  • Basic Installation with Hardware Driver installs the administrative client and all hardware gateways onto the computer. Use this option if your administrative client is on a different subnet than the PC with the full installation.
  • Custom Install allows you to select additional applications to be installed. This can include optional licensed applications beyond those included in the standard installation package.
  1. Click NEXT to verify the installation parameters.


  1. Review this list carefully as it explicitly states what will and will not be installed on your PC.
  • A list of items to be installed is displayed in GREEN.
  • A list of items that will not be installed is displayed in RED.
  • If this list is not correct, click BACK and review the Type of Installation options.
  1. Click the checkbox to confirm the installation parameters are correct.
  2. Click NEXT to select the Destination Folder. This is the folder into which the Doors.NET software is installed.


  1. The default destination folder is listed in the destination folder field. Keri recommends using this folder for the software installation. If a different destination folder is desired than the default, you may use the Explorer window to locate the desired folder. Once located, double-click on the folder name to enter the folder name into the destination field.

  2. Click NEXT to select the types of program shortcuts to be installed on the computer.


  1. Use the radio buttons to select if software access is to be granted to:
  • Current User Only (the user logged into the PC)
  • All Users of the Computer (any user logged into the PC)
  1. Use the check boxes to select any combination of:
  • Desktop icon
  • Start Menu folder
  • Quick Launch Toolbar (where applicable)
  1. Click NEXT to install the Doors.NET database. You will see one of two screens depending upon the operating system installed on your computer.

If you have an operating system PRIOR to Windows 8 you will have this installation screen.


         SQL DB install


If you have an operating system that is Windows 8 or greater you will have this installation screen.


Note: SQL Management Tools are automatically installed with Windows operating systems prior to Windows 8. With Windows 8 or higher revisions the SQL Management Tools must be installed separately. If you are installing on a system with Windows 8 or higher, an additional tick-box appears (refer to the graphic below). Keri strongly recommends checking this box to allow the SQL Management Tools installer to be copied to your computer. These tools allow you to detach, relocate, and reattach Doors.NET databases. Click Here for instructions on how to use the SQL Management Tools installer.



  1. There are three options based on what the installer finds:
  • Install the Database on this computer - this is the default option. If the Installer detects an existing SQL application, its revision is listed. If there isn't an SQL Server available on the PC, then Microsoft's SQL Server Express® (a free SQL server package) will be installed and then the database will be installed. SQL Server Express is the free version of SQL Server from Microsoft. This is a very robust data engine with scaled down installation and support utilities.


  • Scan the Network for Existing SQL Servers - allows the installer to search all accessible network folders for an SQL application and installs the database on that network folder. Using this option requires that the network folder always be available for the PC/Doors.NET program.
  • Install the Application Server only - Also for when there is a pre-existing SQL Server database. It requires a Manual database installation. This option is recommended only for installers who are very familiar with SQL and you must first have an existing installation of Microsoft SQL Server/Express Server 2016/2019
  1. Click Next to confirm you are ready to install the software.
  2. Click Install to begin the installation.

  3. A progress bar keeps you informed on the installation process. There are several steps during the installation process where there may be a delay of several minutes. Please be patient as the software installs.


  1. If you are upgrading the software from a previous revision the existing system database may need to be upgraded as well. If so, the database upgrade program will automatically run once software installation is complete. A new software installation will not perform this step.


  1. The installation process is complete once the software is installed, and a new database is created or an existing database is upgraded.
  1. For a new installation you will be prompted to run the License Manager, for an existing installation you will be prompted to restart the PC. Click FINISH to close the Installation Window.

    Run License Manager

  2. For an existing installation you will be prompted to restart the PC.

  3. If you opted for a desktop icon, the shortcut icon is placed on your desktop.



The software is now installed and ready for licensing and gateway configuration.


  1. If prompted, you should restart your computer before you start the Doors.NET program.
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