Doors.NET v3.5.1.20 Release Notes

Doors.NET v3.5.1.20 Release Notes

Please read this document. It contains a summary of the latest information regarding this software release.

Doors.NET v3.5.1.20 replaces previous release v3.5.1.19 SP1.

NOTE: The Ingersoll/Rand reader line has been spun off into its own company. This new company name is Allegion. All references to Ingersoll/Rand have been changed to Allegion.

Operating System Requirements

Doors.NET software IS NOT compatible with any Home/Basic version of Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7. This is due to networking restrictions built into the Home/Basic versions of Windows operating systems.

Doors.NET software IS compatible with the Business, Professional, Ultimate, and Enterprise versions (both 32-bit and 64-bit where applicable) of Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, and Windows 8; as well as Windows Server versions 2003, 2008, 2008 R2, and 2012 (both 32-bit and 64-bit where applicable).

New Features

- Doors.NET now includes support for Keri's Entraguard Telephone Entry product line.

Entraguard Firmware Notes:
- Entraguard firmware only supports the 'Global Lock Only' command. All the other, advanced Global Lock commands are treated as a standard Global Lock Only command (Global Lockout, Global Lockout allow Total Access, Global Lockdown, Global Lockdown allow Total Access). This means you should not use an Entraguard controller as a master unless there are only Entraguard units on the network as the advanced Global Lock commands will not be passed on to the other units in the network. These commands should be implemented in a future Entraguard firmware update.
- Entraguard firmware does not issue an event following a lock command. Currently, the only way to see Entraguard unit locked status is to request status from the unit. Entraguard firmware does issue an event following an unlock command. This should be corrected in a future Entraguard firmware update.

- Doors.NET now includes support for the PXL-380W controller.

Program Improvements

For All Hardware Platforms: 
- Added a "Press F1 for Help" message in the UI.
- Corrected Local Linkage Action Type screen formatting issues that affected the display of parameters.
- Modified how search tasks for reports displays information. A Basic Search now only displays name information. You now must run Advanced Search to see any other information fields.
- Added a Company Name field to the Cardholder Company window.
- Added a MAC Address column to the Hardware/Controllers report.
- Corrected an issue that prevented Custom Field data from being shown in transaction reports.
- Removed the Design Mode icon from the menu bar unless the logged operator is an administrator.
- Corrected several text typos within software windows.
- Corrected an issue that would not allow a credential imprint number to be added to a Photo ID entry.
- Added logic to ensure that the 'Never Expire' and 'Temporary' tick boxes are mutually exclusive; if you select one option, the other is deselected.
- Simplified the ability to apply Temporary Unlock to an elevator reader.
- Corrected an issue where the Doors32 to Doors.NET database conversion program was treating an 'Always Off' schedule as 'None.' 
- Corrected an issue where the GMT value for a controller would change to match the controller's local timezone offset.
- Added a Field Chooser row to the Access Groups window. This allows an operator to select what data should be displayed under Access Groups.
- Added a warning popup that appears if an Auto-Config has been performed, but the information found by Auto-Config have not been applied to the database.
- Changed the report client start date to default to "today's date."
- Permissions were not properly filtering alerts allowing any user to see alerts.
- Disabling a cardholder with two credentials would only disable the first credential unless a 'download all' command was performed.
- A credential that was manually inactivated would not automatically start working when reactivated until a 'download all' command was performed.
- Due to differences between standard NXT firmware and Mercury firmware, the 'Door Held Open' value is set in one-second increments for standard NXT controllers and in two-second increments for Mercury and Mercury Powered NXT controllers.
- Added logic to ensure that a controller that issued a Global Unlock/Lock command cannot be deleted from the system while that command is active.
- Made a number of cosmetic changes to the Cardholder Reports window for ease-of-use.

Unique to NXT Controllers:
- Corrected an issue with parameter checking that caused an Update Network command to not complete. If an access group is expanded to more doors causing a cardholder to go past eight access levels on a controller (the maximum allowed per cardholder), then Update Network has an exception and the controller is not updated. Doors.NET now displays an error message including controller number, cardholder ID, and access level ID should an access group change exceed maximum allowed values.

Unique to PXL Controllers:
- No longer displays reader configuration fields that are not valid for MS Readers.
- Changed the logic used when performing a generic cardholder database import to prevent the creation of greater than 32 schedules, the maximum allowed for PXL controllers.
- Added the PXL controller's address number to the controller's name. This makes it easier to label and program databases prior to installing equipment and helps by listing controller addresses in numerical order.
- Elevator control in Doors.NET now supports PXL/LC Elevator Control panels. However, elevator control panels are not handled by the Doors32 to Doors.NET database conversion program; they must be manually configured in Doors.NET.
- Corrected issues with temporary credentials on PXL controllers.
- Corrected an issue when adding new credentials to an existing cardholder record. The updated cardholder information is now automatically updated to the applicable controllers.

Unique to Keri NXT Mercury Powered Controllers and Mercury Hardware:
- Corrected a controller naming issue when running reports.
- Added three extended-time APB modes that are tracked in minutes. This allows the maximum APB time to reach as far as 45 days, 12 hours, 15 minutes.
- EP 1501 controllers now have the time set every time they come online.
- Corrected a window update issue where controllers are shown as offline in the display window following an Update Network, but are shown as online in the property grid.
- Manual controller connection/disconnection was not operating correctly.

Unique to ASSA Hardware:
- Corrected a time indexing issue that prevented Holiday Schedules from working correctly.
- Updated the ASSA driver to v5.0 (from v4.4). This allows the ASSA Gateway to be compatible with SQL 2012 and Windows 8. The new driver requires Microsoft .NET v4.0 framework. If the 4.0 framework is not installed on the host computer, the Doors.NET software installer will perform the 4.0 framework installation.
- Corrected an issue refreshing new reader status following auto configuration.
- Corrected an issue when adding an Aperio door lock to a hub that required restarting the Mercury gateway and resetting the Mercury Powered NXT controller after every lock addition. The only thing now required is to reset the Mercury Powered NXT controller following the initial addition of the hub.

NOTE: If you are upgrading an existing ASSA WiFi/POE installation using ASSA driver version 1.2 you must manually remove the existing ASSA driver before running the Doors.NET installer.

Unique to Allegion Hardware:
- AD300 readers are now able to perform temporary unlock commands from the Doors.NET program.
- Added the Allegion AD400 and AD300 keypads to the recognized readers list. Includes support for privacy, classroom, office, and apartment modes.
- Corrected an issue where a tamper event could be reported twice on Allegion AD400s.
- Corrected an issue where a power fail event was not reported by Allegion PIM400s.

Archive Service:
- Corrected Archive Service settings with Windows 8 that did not allow the Archive Service to start after configuration unless the operator had Administrator rights.
- Changed the archive limit when running SQL Server 2012 from 3 GB to 9 GB. Archiving is now performed when the database reaches 9 GB.
- Modified the Archive Service to prevent SQL Server timeouts for very large databases.

Known Issues

With Entraguard Controllers:
- If you manually create an Entraguard controller database and then perform an auto-config, the auto-configuration will not complete. Perform an auto-configuration first, and then configure the Entraguard controller database. This will be corrected in a future release.

With Mercury Powered NXT Controllers:
- In networks with unusually high network traffic a Mercury Powered NXT controller may receive too many network overrun errors, resulting in that controller temporarily removing itself from the network. Under certain extreme conditions, that controller may not return to the network, requiring power cycling the controller to bring it back online.

Firmware Requirements

For NXT controllers and peripherals:
- Standard NXT controllers should use firmware revision 2.05.40 or greater.
- NXT Readers should use firmware revision 2.00.01 or greater.
- Reader Interface Modules (RIMs) should use firmware revision 3.03.07 or greater.
- 4x4 I/O Modules should use firmware revision 3.00.02.
For PXL:
- Standard PXL controllers require firmware revision 8.6.09 or greater.
- Legacy PXL controllers require firmware revision 8.4.49 or greater.
This minimum firmware revision is programmed with the current U.S. Daylight Savings Time dates and has the complete PXL implementation of Anti-Passback.
For Mercury Hardware and Mercury Powered NXT controllers:
- Mercury Hardware and Mercury Powered NXT controllers should use new firmware revision 1.189.

Firmware Upgrades

- None at this time.


Completed Translations:
- Chinese (Simplified)
- Chinese (Traditional/Taiwan)
- English (UK)
- French (France)
- Polish
- Russian
- Slovenian
- Spanish (Castilian)
- Turkish

Translations Pending Updates *:
- Arabic (UAE)
- Dutch (Belgium)
- French (Belgium)
- Italian

* These translation file sets are not yet complete pending submissions from our translators. If you use these translations you will find mislabeled and/or non-translated ribbon and menu fields in some sections of the program. Non-translated fields will be displayed in US English.

AutoRun Menu Contents

The Keri DVD has an AutoRun program that opens a menu which allows you to easily locate the installation program, a training video, and technical and marketing documentation stored on the Keri DVD. Insert the DVD into your computer.

- If your host computer's AutoRun feature is enabled, the AutoRun menu appears.
- If the AutoRun feature is not enabled, use Windows(tm) Explorer to browse the Keri DVD. Locate and start the "autorun.exe" program to open the AutoRun menu.


The Keri DVD includes copies of technical and marketing documentation in Adobe Acrobat(R) PDF format. The AutoRun menu includes links to the major documentation sections of the Keri DVD. All documentation is stored in Adobe's PDF format, and can be viewed using the Adobe Acrobat Reader program. The Adobe PDF format is a universal document display format that allows you to view and print copies of documents. You can find the Acrobat Reader installation on the Adobe web site.

NOTE: The documents on the Keri DVD are the current revisions at the time of DVD release. However, these documents are subject to change at any time. If necessary, please view the Technical Documentation Downloads section of the Keri web page or contact Tech Support at Keri Systems to verify the current revision of any document.

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