Doors.NET v4.4.0 Release Notes

Doors.NET v4.4.0 Release Notes

Operating System Compatibility

Doors.NET software IS COMPATIBLE with:
(both 32-bit and 64-bit where applicable)

  • Windows 8.1
  • Windows 10 - all versions
  • Windows Server 2012 and 2012 R2
  • Windows Server 2016

All other operating systems are NOT SUPPORTED.


All supported operating systems are compatible with Microsoft.NET Framework v4.6.2 or greater.


SQL Server Compatibility

If SQL is ALREADY INSTALLED on your computer:

  • The Doors.NET installer will poll the host computer and use the SQL version that is already installed. This is true for both new Doors.NET installations and for Doors.NET upgrades.

If SQL is NOT INSTALLED on your computer:


64-bit computers:

  • If SQL server is not present, then SQL Server 2016 Express will be installed.

32-bit computers:

  • You must manually install the SQL revision appropriate for your operating system.
  • Keri recommends installing SQL Server 2014 (the last SQL Server supporting 32-bit computers).

The following link will take you to Microsoft's SQL Server Express 2014 download page:


Please Note

  • Doors.NET software installation will not begin if a Windows Update is in progress or a computer restart is pending due to a Windows Update. Make sure all Windows Updates have been completed prior to installing Doors.NET.
  • Doors.NET is not yet approved for operation with Microsoft Server 2019 or SQL Express 2019. We expect approval to be completed for the next Doors.NET software release, currently slated as v4.8.0 due Q3 2020.


End of Maintenance and Development for Modem Communication

This revision of Doors.NET is the last revision that will support modem communication for PXL and Entraguard products.


This change is being made due to the rapid conversion by telecommunication providers from POTS lines, which are completely modem compatible, to VOIP lines, which do not transfer data packets reliably and have differences that vary from vendor to vendor, making it impossible for us to ensure modem compatibility with all VOIP vendors and the VOIP hardware they use.


New Features in Doors.NET

  • Added a new license type providing support for MR50-S3/MR52-S3/MR16IN-S3/MR16OUT-S3 devices on the LP1501. With the license disabled (default), you can only connect to an LP1501 using an MR62e. With the license enabled you can add up to 8 RS-485 devices (MR50-S3/MR52-S3/MR16IN-S3/MR16OUT-S3 and the MR62e) and 17 readers in any combination of panels.
  • Added support for Ganz thermal cameras.


Program Improvements

For Doors.NET

  • Reordered the column layout in the Hardware Setup > Doors and Hardware Setup > Panels grids to prioritize the display of information used when providing support. Added a World Time Zone column to the Panels grid.
  • Corrected a grid display issue with Elevator Control that prevented the entire grid from being displayed in Advanced View.
  • Corrected an issue where, depending upon screen resolution, there was not enough screen space to display all controller timezone menu parameters.
  • Improved message filtering to only display message types that apply to the hardware type licensed and its installed gateway. Both must be true to provide filtering so only messages for that hardware type are displayed.
  • Changed program operation so that if you rebuild the Daylight Savings Time rules you are prompted to immediately reset controller memory and implement the new rules.
  • Set individual controller time zones using a World Time Zone setting - when changing a controller time zone, the controller clock will automatically synchronize with the new time zone.
  • Added several new Time Schedule message types to the Transaction Report wizard.
  • Corrected issues with GLS email/SMS messaging not working due to port blocking by various carriers to prevent spam messages.
  • Corrected a socket connection issue that disconnected an existing Client whenever a new Client logged into the system.
  • Added credential formats for Schlage 8520M and 9691T credentials to the Wiegand credential library.
  • Corrected an issue with Local Linkages where the program would not correctly save Control Point pulse times.
  • Corrected an issue that allowed duplicate Time Zones to be created when using multiple concurrent gateways.
  • Corrected an issue that did not allow manual changes to DST to be saved to the database.
  • Corrected an issue that prevented port reassignment for GLS email/SMS messages if the "Use Simple Email" option was selected. This meant email/SMS messaging would attempt to send messages using a port that is typically blocked by messaging providers.
  • Corrected an issue with the First Person In feature that under a certain set of circumstances could unlock a door prematurely.
  • Corrected an issue when enabling access to both an entrance and exit readers simultaneously, then disabling the entrance reader that continued to allow access.


For Visual Doors

  • Corrected an issue that prevented the Comelit interface to Visual Doors from showing the correct amount of Apartments supported in the MUG.
  • Added a check that will prevent VisualDoors from crashing when loading a cardholder database if that database had credentials with a blank first name value. A blank first name is not allowed in VisualDoors.


For the PXL Gateway/Hardware

  • Corrected an issue that prevented second door control from working if a satellite board was added to an existing PXL controller without deleting and re-adding the controller. 
  • Corrected Global Lock/Unlock functionality under serial and LAN communication that had been affected when support for this feature was removed when communicating via modem.


For Mercury Gateway/Hardware

  • Corrected an issue with Elevator Control on MSC controllers that prevented readers on Bus 2, 3, and 4 from being configured for elevator control.

  • Corrected a timer issue with MSC and Mercury controllers that prevented Timed Unlock values of greater than nine hours.


Known Issues

For Doors.NET

  • Keri has discovered that the newest Windows Update (v2004) has introduced an infrequent, high CPU usage issue. This appears to be associated with Keri's video gateway. We believe it only appears on new software installations and not upgrade installations. The immediate workaround is to either restart the App Server or reboot the PC. You can also prevent this from occurring by disabling the video gateway in the License Manager. We are working to resolve this for the next software release.


Current Firmware Revisions

For NXT Controllers and Peripherals:

  • Standard NXT Controller - 2.05.80 (new revision - see information below)
  • NXT Controller Bootloader - 2.00.01
  • NXT Reader - 4.00.03
  • Standard and WIPLUS Reader Interface Modules (RIMs) - 3.03.21
  • Wiegand-Only Reader Interface Modules (now obsolete - replaced by the WIPLUS)
    • 3.03.21 provides single-line LED support for Wiegand-only RIMs
    • 3.03.10 provides dual-line LED support for Wiegand-only RIMs
  • 4x4 I/O Module - 3.00.03
  • GIOX Motherboard - 1.00.21
  • GIOX Input Module - 1.00.10
  • GIOX Output Module - 1.00.10


For PXL:

  • Standard PXL Controller - 8.6.09
  • Legacy PXL Controller - 8.5.22 (requires a Legacy license for operation)


For Entraguard:

  • Standard Titanium and Silver - 7.8.02
  • Standard Platinum - 9.2.02
  • Legacy Titanium and Silver - 7.6.13 (requires a Legacy license for operation)
  • Legacy Platinum - 9.1.09 (requires a Legacy license for operation)


For Neutron:

  • Neutron Controller - 1.00.19
  • Neutron Bootloader - 1.00.08 (new revision - see information below)


For Mercury Powered NXT (MSC) Controllers:

  • MSC Controller
    • 1.275 (default installation)
    • 1.291 (per conditions listed below)

Known MSC Controller Firmware Issues:

  • Firmware revision 1.291 introduced an inaccurate time keeping issue when using Advanced Local Linkage timers on EP, LP, and MSC controllers. This affects both triggering an event and the duration of a trigger pulse to a 4x4 or GIOX device. This time drift increases the longer the duration for which the timer or the trigger pulse is set.
  • MSC firmware is not setting the correct default gateway when set to DHCP. When an MSC controller grabs its initial DHCP address, the firmware is not setting the default gateway onto the same subnet as the host rendering the controller unable to connect. The workaround for this issue is to set a static IP/Subnet/Gateway on the controller via its on-board web server.

Firmware revision 1.291 is available should you need this revision, but should not be installed on systems with the following conditions:

  • using MSC controllers with 4x4s and GIOX units
  • using MSC, Mercury EP, or Mercury LP controllers that are dependent upon Advanced Local Linkages

1.291 firmware corrected an issue where LP controllers did not account for Leap Day correctly and an issue where if more than one outgoing DHCP connection (SIOs or Host Comm) is configured, only one connection will be established and the other ignored.


These issue corrections are dependent upon a new firmware revision from Mercury Security.


Firmware Upgrades

NXT Firmware v2.05.80

  • Corrected a coordination issue between First Person In and Auto-Unlock Time Schedules that could, under a specific configuration set, cause a door to unlock at an unscheduled time.

Neutron Bootloader v1.00.08

  • Corrected an intermittent firmware bootloader issue that could prevent a controller reboot operation from completing correctly.

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