Doors.WEB - Change the System Administrator Password

Doors.WEB - Change the System Administrator Password

Tools - Change Password

Change Password

Tools - Image 1

 The Change Password feature allows you to quickly change the password of the currently logged on user.

  1. Click the Change Password icon, input the current password, followed by the new password, then confirmation of the new password and click OK.

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NOTE: If you are using the Global Linkage Service or the Event Video Recording Service on the installation it is important to understand that if you change the default admin password you will also need to change the password for these services as well. This is done via the License Manager.

Changing the Global Linkage Service Password

  1. Open the License Manager, either via Start >> All Programs >> Doors .Net >> License Manager.

Tools - Image 3

  1. Select the Global Linkage entry on the left pane.

Tools - Image 4

  1. Click on the Tools - Image 5 button.
  2. It opens up on the Startup tab and you will see the 'Password' field where you enter the new admin password. Delete the dots and enter the new password, finally click save.
  3. You will see a prompt informing you that the GLS service needs to be restarted, so confirm this message.

Tools - Image 6


Changing the Video Gateway Password

  1. Again, open up the License Manager and select the Video Gateway on the left pane.

Tools - Image 7

  1. Click the Tools - Image 5 button.
  2. Type in the new admin password, then click save.
  3. You will be prompted to restart the Video Recording Service, so click Yes to this.

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