Entraguard Secure Key Replacement Procedure

Entraguard Secure Key Replacement Procedure

1.0 Introduction

If you lose the secure key for an Entraguard controller you can obtain a replacement. When requesting a replacement key you should have the key code and the associated reference number (e-mailed to you when you registered the key). If you don't have these two codes then you will need to answer some security questions.

Note: One key set includes 2 x replacement keys.

2.0 Request a Replacement Secure Key

  1. Visit the following website: www.midwestkeys.com .
  2. Scroll down the homepage, then click on the Keri Systems tile.

  3. Enter the key code.
  4. Enter the associated key reference number.

    Note: To order, you must know the key code (stamped on the key) and the key reference number from the original order . If you do not know the key code and/or reference number, click the "I DON'T KNOW" button. You'll then be prompted to enter additional information to authenticate.

  5. Click the ADD TO CART button.

  6. If the two codes match then you will see the order screen where you can fill out your personal and payment details.

Orders within the USA will ship within 2-3 working days. International orders are sent via UPS.

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