Entraguard Lock Assembly Replacement

Entraguard Lock Assembly Replacement

1.0 Introduction

This document explains how to remove the original, installed lock assembly from an Entraguard controller and then how to install, in its place, the replacement lock assembly. The same steps apply to the Entraguard Silver, Titanium and Platinum controllers. The steps also apply to replacing a secure lock on a new Entraguard controller with an original, common lockset.

Important Note: Keri Systems’ Entraguard units now contain a unique Medeco enclosure lock as standard to ensure that the Entraguard unit is as secure as possible.

However, for Integrators who wish to use a common lock for all of their customers, Keri also provides a replacement, standard lock which utilizes a single key pattern for all locks.  The Integrator understands that using a common lockset with a single key pattern negatively impacts the security of the Entraguard unit and therefore the security of the entire system.

The Integrator understands and agrees that the usage of the common lockset is solely at their discretion and assumes any and all liability related to or deriving from the usage of the common lock.  The integrator further agrees to indemnify Keri Systems for any and all damages to Keri Systems, resulting from the Integrator’s usage of the common lock.

- The Entraguard Platinum and Silver controllers have 2 locks and therefore both locks will need to be replaced.
- The same steps apply to the Entraguard Silver, Titanium and Platinum controllers.

2.0 Tools Required

  1. Adjustable wrench (or an 11mm wrench and a 22mm wrench to accommodate the two nut sizes of the Medeco secure lock). 
  2. Phillips head screwdriver (medium size).

3.0 Removing the Existing Entraguard Lock 

  (Entraguard Titanium diagram)

  1. Down-power the Entraguard controller.
  2. Use the Entraguard key to open the front cover.
  3. With the front cover open, use a medium-sized Philips head screwdriver to remove the straight cam from the existing commonly lock assembly. Use the adjustable wrench or the 11mm wrench to secure the straight cam of the Medeco secure lock.


  4. Next, locate the lock fastener at the rear of the Entraguard front cover.

  5. Use the adjustable wrench or the 22mm wrench to remove the fastener.
  6. You will then be able to remove the original lock assembly.

4.0 Installing the New Lock

  1. Use the Philips head screwdriver again to remove the straight cam on the new key lock assembly.
  2. Unscrew the fastener from the lock cylinder thread.
  3. Install the new lock assembly in place of the original.
  4. With the new lock fastener, tighten it to ensure the new lock assembly is secure.

  5. Use the Philips head screwdriver to secure the lock cam. Use the adjustable wrench or the 11mm wrench to secure the cam of the Medeco secure lock.

  6. Close the front panel and secure the Entraguard controller with the new, replacement key.

P/N: 02445-001 - Rev. B

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