Entraguard Secure Lock/Key Registration Procedure

Entraguard Secure Lock/Key Registration Procedure

1.0 Introduction

Each Entraguard Titanium, Silver and Platinum controller is now shipped with a lock that has its own unique key. It is important that you follow the steps to register the unique key(s) as this will allow you to purchase replacements if the original key is lost. It is also important to keep a safe record of the key code, its associated registration key and the physical location where the Entraguard controller is installed.

When you register the key you will be prompted to answer a secret question. The answer should also be recorded with the lock details.

  1. A secure Secure Lock Retro fit kit is available for retro-fitting existing, older Entraguard locksets.
  2. The Entraguard Silver and Platinum controllers have two matched locks and a single key code.

2.0 Retrieving the Lock Code and Registration Key

If you have purchased a secure lock kit, or a new Entraguard controller you will find the key code and registration number printed on a card.

3.0 Registering the Key

  1. Go to the following URL: https://ksportal.aetheros.net/register or scan the QR code on the registration card.
  2. Enter the key code for the lock.
  3. Enter the associated reference number for the lock.

    Note: If you have multiple keys to register, then can add those additional keys to the registration, rather than filling out a registration form for each key.

  4. Enter the full property address where the Entraguard controller is installed, including the Country.
  5. Enter the property owner's name.
  6. Enter the initial installer's name - the name of the company that installed the
    secure lock.
  7. Enter the contact e-mail address (where you will receive registration confirmation).
  8. Select one of the two security question from the drop-down list - then enter your answer.

    Note: Remember to keep a record of the secret answer, along with the key code, registration key and the location of the Entraguard controller(s).

  9. Click the register your key button.
  10. A registration successful message will appear.
  11. You will also receive an e-mail with the submitted information. Keri strongly recommends archiving this e-mail for safe-keeping.

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