Entraguard Troubleshooting Guide

Entraguard Troubleshooting Guide

1.0 Introduction

The troubleshooting and diagnostics reference guide provides instructions to assist with tracking down the source of many basic controller installation problems. If there is a problem with a controller's installation, please review these instructions and if a listed problem matches the controller's problem, review the possible causes and corrective actions.


Some of the troubleshooting instructions require a digital voltmeter (DVM) to verify source voltages, circuit continuity and noise levels on the EntraGuard controller. Please have a DVM on hand before beginning troubleshooting. Use the diagram below to identify items on the controller PCB (EntraGuard Titanium).

2.0 The Controller Does not Power-up. The LCD Display is Blank or Not Illuminated

  1. Remove the TB2 connector from the Entraguard and verify there is voltage coming from the power-supply. The required voltage should be between 12 and 14VDC.
  2. Verify the positive power wire is on TB2, pin 1 and the negative wire is in TB2 pin 2.
  3. Verify there is a proper earth ground.
  4. Verify TB2 is correctly connected to the main PCB.


3.0 The Controller Cannot Communicate with the Software

  1. Verify data is being transferred to and from the controller - TXD, DTR and RXD LEDs should flicker when data in being transferred.
  2. Check if the communication cable is loose or unplugged.
  3. Verify that the J11 jumper (INT_MODEM) jumper is set correctly.
  4. Verify that the modem type in use is incompatible.
  5. Verify that controller to PC direct connect cable is wired correctly.
  6. Verify Doors.NET is configured to communicate through the correct COM port.
  7. Verify the communication cable is connected to the correct COM port.
  8. Verify the communication cable is connected to the Primary controller.
  9. Verify the Primary controller is a not a PXL-250.
  10. Verify the Primary controller is set to address #1.
  11. Verify the controller's firmware and Doors.NET software are compatible.
  12. Verify the host computer's serial port has a compatible UART.
  13. Verify there is not an IRQ conflict.
  14. Verify the COM port is working.


4.0 The Entraguard's Internal Modem Will Not Communicate

  • Verify that the J11 jumper is set correctly - It needs to be ON when using the internal modem.
  • The Primary controller is not set to address #1


5.0 The Entraguard Will Not Communicate With an External Modem

  • Verify data is being transferred to and from the controller - There is a set of LEDs (TxD, RxD and DTR) These should flicker when data.
  • Check the modem is not turned off.
  • The modem was plugged into an already active controller.
  • Verify the modem cable is connected to the Primary controller in the access control network.
  • The controller to modem cable is not correct.
  • The modem type in use is incompatible.
  • The modem cable is connected to the wrong controller.
  • The J11 (INT_MODEM) jumper is not set correctly. The jumper should NOT be on J11 INT_MODEM (when using an external modem)
  • The Primary controller is a PXL-250
  • The Primary controller is not set to address #1
  • Turn the power off to both the controller and the modem. Power the modem on then power on the controller.
  • If the installation uses a Keri Systems cable, verify the correct cable has been installed. If the installation uses a self-made cable, refer to the instructions detailed in the EntraGuard Quick Start Guide to verify the cable has been wired correctly.
  • Refer to the modem's manual and verify the modem is Hayes compatible, communicates at 9600 baud or greater, can be configured to turn error checking off, and has a non-volatile RAM backup.


6.0 The Entraguard Lock Relay is Cycling On and Off

  • Ensure the firmware PROM is not seated correctly. Turn controller power off. Locate the firmware PROM, and ensure the PROM is seated correctly in its socket on the main board. Now follow the instructions in the appropriate Quick Start Guide to reset the controller's RAM.


7.0 A Secondary Entraguard Controller is Offline

  • Verify that the controller is powered-on.
  • Ensure the Entraguard controller is receiving between 12VDC and 14VDC.
  • Verify that the controller's TB1 (network connector) is connected to the controller PCB.
  • Verify all connections have been made on lead wiring and not on the wire insulation.
  • Ensure each controller on the network has a unique RS-485 address.
  • The RAM may be corrupted on the controller and so the controller may require a factory reset.

Note: Performing a factory reset on the controller will clear all configuration and memory (including the users) - so this should only be done as a last resort.


8.0 Entraguard Unit is Empty

  • Ensure the Entraguard unit has version 5.xx for ROM v7.8.02 or higher.
  • All the following settings must be assigned for each user:
    - First Name
    - Last Name
    - Entraguard User ID
    - Assigned access group
    - User must be enabled
    - Phone number
    - Name Display must be on.


9.0 User Name not Displayed at the Entraguard

  • Ensure the user record is assigned an Entraguard ID.
  • Verify that the user has a valid access group assigned.
  • Ensure that the user has a phone number listed.
  • Check that the name display option is selected.


10.0 Entraguard User ID - Access Denied

  • Ensure you are entering the Entraguard User ID Correctly.
  • Check that the Entraguard controller is added to the assigned access group.
  • Ensure the Entraguard is not set to lockout or lockdown.
  • Changes in the software may not have been sent out to the controller.


11.0 Telephone Command Does Not Perform Its Programmed Function

Check that the function has been programmed correctly in the controller properties. By default, #9 unlocks the door, #7 hangs up the call, #6 activates output 1 and #5 activates output 2.

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