Entraguard - VOIP Notification

Entraguard - VOIP Notification

Voice-Over-IP (VOIP) Statement regarding Entraguard Units

Telephone Providers Switching from 'Plain-Old-Telephone-Service' (POTS) lines

More and more telephone line providers are moving away from "plain old telephone service" (POTS) lines to digital, "voice over internet protocol" (VOIP) lines. This is a problem for Entraguard and PXL units using modem connections.


Standard analog data modems do not work over analog lines using a VOIP analog adapter. VOIP lines are intended for digital voice and internet service, while the adapter provided an analog line, it will not reliably work with data modems. They are unsuitable for handling the data packets that modems use for communication.


This means that if you are using modems to access PXL or Entraguard systems for configuration and data retrieval, your system will no longer work reliably for configuration and data retrieval when the telephone provider makes the switch to VOIP. On Entraguard units, you will continue to be able to use the VOIP line for calling and speaking to the individual Entraguard users.


When a service provider switches from POTS to VOIP, the installer must change from modem connection to either LAN-520 or direct serial connection for system configuration and data retrieval. Since VOIP is Ethernet-based, the LAN-520 is likely the best option. There is no other option available.