Global Linkage Macros

Global Linkage Macros

The following list details all the Global Linkage Macro options that are available in Doors.NET. These are the 'when' conditions which can be thought of as 'what you would like to happen' - When the system sees a specific trigger it will execute the macro which is assigned to that trigger.

Note: Not all macros can be executed by all controller or hardware types.

Macro Item Type Available Selections
Anti-Passback Free Pass All Cardholders
  Specific Cardholder
  Any Area
  Specific Area
ACII Output Custom ASCII string and communication settings
Control Point Control Point Off
  Control Point On
  Control Point Single Pulse
  Control Point Repeating Pulse
Email Email Recipient
  Email Priority Selection
  Email Body Text Variables
Export Report Report Client Report Name
  Output Format
Host Schedule Host Schedule Turn Off
  Host Schedule Turn On
Instant Message IM Provider
Local Linkage Procedure Control Abort Delayed Procedure
  Execute Procedure
  Resume Delayed Procedure
Monitor Point Monitor Point Mask
  Monitor Point Unmask
Reader LED Mode Control Set LED Mode 1
  Set LED Mode 2
  Set LED Mode 3
Reader Mask - Forced Open Mask Reader Forced
  Unmask Reader Forced
Reader Mask - Held Open Mask Reader Held
  Unmask Reader Held
Reader Mode Control Card And PIN
  Card Or PIN
  Disable Cipher Mode
  Disable Extended User Commands
  Disable Two Card Rule
  Enable Cipher Mode
  Enable Extended User Commands
  Enable Two Card Rule
  Facility Code
  PIN Only
Reader Momentary Unlock Select Reader and Unlock Time
Reader Temporary LED Control On Color (Off, Red, Green, Amber)
  Off Color (Off, Red, Green, Amber)
  On-Time (100ms units)
  Off-Time (100ms units)
  Repeat Count
  Beep Count
Situation Manager Control Activate Elevated Threat Level
  Activate Guarded Threat Level
  Activate High Threat Level
  Activate Low Threat Level
  Activate Severe Threat Level
  Activate Global Lock
  Activate Global Restore Normal
  Activate Global Unlock
SMS SMS Carrier
Schedule Control Turn Off Until Next Change
  Turn On Until Next Change
  Turn Off
  Turn On
  Resume Schedule
  Refresh Schedule
XML Output Input XML String Only
  Input XML Template File
  Output DB File
  Output Executable File
  Output TCP Output
  Output XML New File
  Parse and Add
  Parse and Substitute
 Substitute Only
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