Global Lock, Lockout and Lockdown - Using PXL-500 Controllers

Global Lock, Lockout and Lockdown - Using PXL-500 Controllers

PXL Global Lock, Lockout and Lockdown - Using PXL-500 Controllers

The global lock feature uses a dedicated input on the satellite board installed on the primary controller. This option will not appear if a satellite board is not installed. When the global lock input is triggered all online and functioning doors on the PXL network are automatically locked.


The PXL controllers support five different levels of Lock implementation:

  • Lock – Immediately locks all PXL doors (doors which have been opened with a valid card, a time schedule, or that have been manually unlocked, will all lock). Lock allows credentials which have valid access to still gain access and RTE is still enabled.
  • Lockout – Operates the same as Lock but NO credentials are allowed access regardless of access level or group permissions. RTE is still enabled.
  • Lockout - Allow Always Schedule – The same as Lockout but allowing access to those credentials with the Always schedule assigned. RTE is still enabled.
  • Lockdown – Operates as Lockout with NO RTE functionality.
  • Lockdown – Allow Always Schedule – The same as Lockdown but allowing access to those credentials with the Always schedule assigned.


  • The Global Lockout and Global Lockdown options are NOT supported on the EntraGuard controllers or PXL controllers using firmware version older than 08.06.09.
  • Global Lock is not supported with PXL controllers when communication is via a modem connection. Situation Manager with PXL controllers requires a Serial or Ethernet connection and all controllers must have the most up-to-date controller firmware 08.06.09.


Enable Global Lock
  1. Highlight the primary PXL controller in the hardware tree (Setup > Hardware Setup > All).

Global Lock - PXL - Image 1

  1. In properties, locate Options > Global Lock Enable, set it to Yes, and click Save. From Global Lock Type select one of the available lock types from the drop-down list then click Save.

Global Lock - PXL - Image 2

  1. The Live Events grid displays network update start and complete messages.

Global Lock - PXL Image 3

  1. Expand the controller’s inputs in the hardware tree. The input on the primary controller dedicated to global lock is automatically renamed as Global Lock Input.

Global Lock - PXL - Image 4

  1. The dedicated Global Lock input is a normally-open circuit that activates Global Lock when it’s closed. It is physically located between pins 5 and 6 of TB8 (Input 4) on the Satellite Board connected to the primary controller.

PXL Global Lock - Image 5

  1. Now if this input on the satellite board is activated, all online PXL doors will lock and appropriate messages are posted in Live Events.

Global Lock - PXL - Image 6

  1. Live Events also posts appropriate Access Denied events, depending upon the Lock Type that the readers have been set.

Global Lock - Image 7

  1. When the PXL controllers are online, the mode and detail columns will dynamically change as the global lock input state changes.

Global Lock - Image 8

Note: The Global Lock feature is not Fire Marshall approved. Check your local codes for fire safety management.


Note: Global Lock takes precedence over ALL other lock or unlock commands EXCEPT for Global Unlock. Any attempt to restore an auto Unlock/Lock time schedule while the Global Lock feature is active will be ignored by the primary controller.

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