Global Unlock - Using PXL-500 Controllers

Global Unlock - Using PXL-500 Controllers

This section explains how to enable the standard implementation of the Global Unlock feature using the dedicated Global Unlock input on the Primary PXL controller.


Global Unlock - PXL - Image 1


The dedicated Global Unlock input is physically located between pins 5 and 6 of TB4 on the PXL controller. This input can alternatively be designated as an Auxiliary RTE input, but this function is automatically disabled when Global Unlock is enabled.

The Global Unlock input is a normally-open input that is active when closed. When the input activates it automatically unlock all online and functioning doors on the PXL network; it does NOT allow you to select certain doors to not respond to the global unlock command. Since this feature is hardware controlled it is not dependent on the PC in any way.


You can use the Situation Manager implementation of Global Unlock to control which doors respond to the Global Unlock command.



  • If a Secondary controller is offline when a Global Unlock or Global Lock command is issued, the Secondary controller has missed the unlock/lock command and will not change state when the Secondary controller comes back on line.
  • Because of the delayed nature of a dial-up connection, situation manager, global lock and global unlock features are not supported when using a modem connection to a PXL network. These features are only available when using a serial or ethernet connection.


Enable Global Unlock

  1. Highlight the Primary PXL controller in the hardware tree (Setup > Hardware Setup > All).


Global Unlock - PXL - Image 2


  1. In properties, locate Options > Global Unlock Enable and set it to Yes.
  2. Set Global Unlock Type to Unlock All Doors and click Save.


Global Unlock - PXL - Image 3


Note: Setting the Global Unlock Type to “Unlock All Doors” configures the system to the standard implementation of Global Unlock/Lock. If this value is set to “Use Individual Door Settings” control is shifted to the Situation Manager in Doors.NET and the information in this document no longer applies.


  1. The Live Events grid displays network update start and complete messages.


Global Unlock - PXL - Image 4


  1. Expand the controller’s inputs in the hardware tree. The input on the Primary controller dedicated to global unlock is automatically renamed as Global Unlock Input.

Global Unlock - PXL - Image 5


  1. Now if this input on the Primary controller is activated, all online PXL doors will unlock and appropriate messages are posted in Live Events.


Global Unlock - PXL - Image 6


  1. In the doors status grid (Setup > Hardware Setup > Doors), the Detail column displays “GUE Unlocked” for each of the globally unlocked PXL doors.


Global Unlock - PXL - Image 7


  1. When the PXL controllers are online, the mode and detail columns will dynamically change as the global unlock input state changes.


Global Unlock - PXL - Image 8


Note: The Global Unlock feature is not Fire Marshall approved. Check your local codes for fire safety management.


Note: Global Unlock takes precedence over ALL lock or unlock commands. Any attempt to restore an Auto Unlock/Lock time schedule while the Global Unlock feature is active will be ignored by the Primary controller.

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