Block Enroll Entraguard Users in Doors.NET

Block Enroll Entraguard Users in Doors.NET

In Doors.NET it is not possible to enroll a block of Entraguard IDs, however it is possible to block enroll cardholders without credentials. You can then manually assign the Entraguard user information after the cardholder enrollment.

Block Enrolling Cardholders Without Credentials
  1. Ensure Advanced View is enabled, (otherwise the Block Enroll icon will be greyed-out).
  2. From the Home tab click Cardholders.
  3. Click the Block Enrol Icon.
  4. Enter default text or a character for the First Name field.
  5. Enter default text or a character for the Last Name field.
  6. Select a template from the drop down list or leave the default of ‘Unassigned’.
  7. Enter the number of records you wish to block enroll.

  8. Click START to perform the block enrollment process, then click OK.
  9. Once the block enrollment is finished click the CLOSE button.
  10. The new records will then appear in the cardholder grid.
  11. You can then click to open any of the new records, go to the Entraguard tab and enter the EntraGuard user information as explained previously.

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