Viewing the Hardware Status

Viewing the Hardware Status

Status tabs are found at the bottom of the work space/data display field.

  • Certain status tabs only appear when its corresponding feature is accessed or enabled.
  • Mouse over a tab to have that tab's window open in the work space/data display field.
  • Mouse onto the window and you can review the information within.
  • Mouse off the window and the window closes.
  • Click on the push-pin icon in the upper right of the window to "pin" that window and have it stay open when you mouse off. Click on the push-pin icon again to "un-pin" the window.


The example above displays the Status tab. Each tab has unique data sets.

  • Alerts - lists events that require acknowledgment by an operator
  • Control Points - lists information on all control points (outputs)
  • Doors - lists information on doors
  • Live Events - lists transactions in real-time
  • Monitor Points - lists information on all monitor points (inputs)
  • Status - lists controller status
  • Trace Events - lists events specifically designated for display by the operator

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