Information Regarding Future Change in Modem Support in Doors.NET

Information Regarding Future Change in Modem Support in Doors.NET

End-of-Life for PXL and Entraguard Modem Communication

Keri has decided to delay removing support for modem communication for PXL and Entraguard units to the next software release.

Doors.NET v4.8.0 will be the last software revision that will support modem communication for PXL and Entraguard products.

Modem communication for PXL and Entraguard units will end beginning with Doors.NET v4.9.0.

This change will be made to accommodate the rapid conversion by telecommunication providers from POTS lines, which are completely modem compatible, to VOIP lines, which do not transfer data packets reliably and have differences that vary from vendor to vendor, making it impossible for us to ensure modem compatibility with all VOIP vendors and the VOIP hardware they use.

Keri strongly recommends preparing for this change by the following methods:

For Data Communication with Either PXL or Entraguard Units

  • Keri recommends replacing your modems with a LAN-520 Ethernet module.
  • Alternatively, if your computer has a serial communication port, you can use a direct-connection cable.

For Voice Communication with Entraguard Units

  • You will use a VOIP converter for voice calling between Entraguard units and tenants. This requires the use of a VOIP adapter.
  • Keri recommends the Cisco SPA 112 VOIP Adapter, however your ISP likely has their preferred unit.

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