KE-1 Metal Enclosure Installation Guide

KE-1 Metal Enclosure Installation Guide

1.0 Introduction

This installation guide is for the NXT/PXL KE-1 metal enclosure. It includes mounting dimensions and environmental ratings. It is intended to provide a secure enclosure for the PXL-500 controller, NXT and NXT-MSC 2 or 4-door controllers.


A lock on the enclosure cover ensures that only authorized hands have access to the controller (two keys are provided). Ten knockouts are spaced around the body of the enclosure providing maximum flexibility for cable routing to the controller. The enclosure is mounted to any solid surface using four screws.

2.0 Dimensions

• 32.8 cm high x 26.4 cm wide x 8 cm deep

12.9" high x 10.4" wide x 3.1" deep

KE1 Dimensions

Figure 1: KE-1 Enclosure Dimensions

3.0 Enclosure Mounting

The easiest method for marking the location of the mounting holes for drilling is to hold the enclosure against the mounting surface and then use a pencil to mark the mounting hole locations against the surface to which the enclosure is to be mounted.


If this is not practical, Figure 2 is a layout drawing of the mounting hole locations.

Note: Figure 2 is not an actual size drawing and cannot be used as a drilling template.


KE1 Mounting

Figure 2: KE-1 Enclosure Mounting Holes

4.0 Cable Knockouts

Ten knockouts are provided for maximum flexibility in routing cables.

Two are on the back of the enclosure. There are four on the top and four on the bottom of the enclosure. 

Note: Figure 3a and 3b provides the measurements for the knockout locations. Figure 3 is not an actual size drawing and cannot be used as a drilling or routing template.

4.1 Top and Bottom of the Enclosure

The top of the enclosure mirrors the bottom of the enclosure.

Top and bottom of enclosure

Figure 3a - Enclosure top knockouts

4.2 Back Side of the Enclosure

See following page:

Back Side Controller

Figure 3b - Enclosure back knockouts

5.0 PXL Controller Mounting

The PXL-500, NXT and NXT-MSC controllers are provided with a ship-kit that includes; keys for the enclosure lock, some transorbs and four mounting screws.


Controller Mounted

Figure 4: Mounting the controller into the enclosure


Once the enclosure is mounted and cabling is routed to the enclosure, the controller is mounted into the enclosure (see Figure 4). There are four standoffs in the back of the enclosure to which the controller is mounted. Use the four screws provided with the controller to mount the controller in the KE-1 Enclosure. Simply align the controller over the four standoffs and insert the screws.


Note: Do not over-tighten the mounting screws as this can damage the controller.

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