LAN-520 - Quick Start Guide

LAN-520 - Quick Start Guide


 1.0 Introduction

The following steps explain how to setup a PXL-500 in the Doors.NET software using a LAN-520 module. It assumes you have worked through the steps to install and license the Doors.NET software and that you have also setup the PXL gateway. In addition, you will need to install the Lantronix Device Installer software - which is used to find or change the IP address of the LAN-520. The Device Installer software can be installed from the following URL:


2.0 LAN-520 Setup - General Notes

  1. The new LAN-520 AESP units start with the MAC address of 00-80.
  2. Keri recommends setting a static IP address to the module using Device Installer.
  3. If the DHCP address changes then Doors32 or Doors.NET will no longer be able to connect to the LAN-520 AESP.
  4. The original NC-485 module is NOT compatible with the LAN-520 AESP or the LAN-520X. Only the NC-485X is compatible with these modules.
  5. To setup a LAN-520 AESP module you must have technical knowledge of general networking in a PC environment. Please have a network administrator on site to resolve any special networking issues that might be encountered during device setup and programming. Network topologies and strategies will vary.
  6. If the LAN-520 AESP is connected to a network that isn’t DHCP enabled the module will set itself to an IP address in the range of 169.254.XX.XX with a netmask of
  7. Keep in mind that although the Device Installer is capable of finding LAN520 devices on a local LAN even if they are on different subnets, routers and firewall settings can prevent the application from finding them.
  8. If you are able to telnet into port 9999 in the command prompt but not to 10001, it is very likely that the ports required by Doors32/Doors.NET are blocked and will require that a Network Administrator address the issue so a successful telnet session to port 10001 may take place.
  9. To support AESP Encryption you must first have Doors32 version 5.20 (or greater) installed and the PXL master controller firmware must at least be at version 8.4.43 (or greater).
  10. The LAN-520 AESP port device must be installed on the master PXL (controller #1 in the network). l If you are using Doors32 v5.42 the Remote Site Port Number will be set to the correct value of 10001, by default. Other versions of Doors32 will require you to enter this value (see section 5 - Set the Doors32 IP Settings)

3.0 LAN-520 Factory Reset Procedure

Note: The following procedure applies to the LAN-520AES module.

Perform the following steps to reset the LAN unit to its factory default settings:
  1. Power the unit OFF.
  2. Place a jumper across the Factory Default Jumper pins.
  3. Power the the unit ON – this resets the LAN unit.
  4. Power the unit OFF.
  5. Remove the jumper from the Factory Default Jumper pins.

4.0 Assigning an IP Address to the LAN-520

Note:  Once factory reset, the LAN-520 will be configured for DHCP - So it will try to obtain an IP address automatically.
  1. The first step is to connect the LAN-520 module to the TB13 connector on the master PXL controller (the controller addressed as number 1)
  2. The LAN-520 should be mounted with the Ethernet port and the LEDs on the right side of the PCB.
  3. On the controller there are 2 jumpers labelled JP6 and JP7 - these jumpers should be removed to configure the controller for Ethernet communications.
  4. Power up the PXL-500 which will, in turn also give power to the LAN-520 module.
  5. Once powered-up you should be seeing 1 x amber LED and 2 x green LEDs on the LAN-520.
  6. You now have to go to the host PC - for initial setup the host PC should be connected to the same Local Area Network as the LAN-520.
  7. Open Lantronix Device Installer on the host PC.
  8. Ignore any messages that appear when you log in.
  9. By default, the LAN-520 is configured to obtain a DHCP IP address, if no DHCP is available the LAN-520 will configure to an IP Address in the range of 169.254.x.x - however, the good thing about this utility is that it finds the modules via their MAC address which makes changing the IP address a very simple task...
  10. To change the IP address of the module, simply click the ASSIGN IP button.

    Assign IP

  11. Enter a new static IP address - You can also enter a gateway IP address as well if the LAN-520 will be located on a different subnet.
  12. Click the ASSIGN button to complete the task.
  13. Wait for the software to display the LAN-520s new IP address.

5.0 Set a Telnet/Web Manager Password on the LAN-520

Keri systems strongly recommends setting the LAN-520 with a password (to prevent unauthorized connections to the module).

Note: The following steps require Telnet to be enabled on the host PC.
  1. Double-click the LAN-520 device listed in Lantronix Device Installer.
  2. Select the Telnet tab and then click on the CONNECT button.
  3. As soon as the Telnet sign-on screen appears, press <Enter> to go into the LAN-520X Setup mode. There is a two to three second window in which you must press <Enter> before the Telnet session automatically closes. If the Telnet session closes before you enter Setup mode (if nothing happens when you press <Enter>), simply click the button to establish the connection.
  4. Once Telnet connects with the LAN-520 all current configuration information is displayed and the cursor is placed at the “Your choice” field.
  5. Enter 0 to go into the device's server settings.
  6. Enter through the list of options until you see: 'Change Telnet/Web Manager Password'.

  7. Enter Y for Yes, then enter.
  8. Input the password you wish to assign to the device.
Note: If you forget or lose the LAN-520 assigned password you will need to perform a factory reset on the device (see section 2.0).

6.0 Connect to the PXL-500 in Doors.NET

  1. Log into the Doors.NET software (the default user name and password are both admin.
  2. Go to Setup >> Hardware Setup >> All - this will display the hardware tree.
  3. The PXL gateway will be listed at the top of the hardware tree.

    PXL Gateway

  4. Just highlight the gateway and check in the properties that it is online.
  5. You will now need to create a Network communication channel.
  6. Select Communication Channels and click the Network option.
  7. Highlight the new channel.
  8. Enable it, then give it a new description, then save.
  9. Next step, highlight the PXL gateway and click ADD PXL.

    Add PXL Icon

  10. Enter a new description for the PXL and select the exact controller model. It doesn't matter if you are unsure because the controller model will automatically be detected when the controller comes online - If in doubt, select the default option. Then click ACCEPT.
  11. The new master PXL will be added to the hardware tree.
  12. Highlight the new controller and in the controller properties on the right, locate the Communication Channel setting - select the new network channel you previously created.
  13. As it is a network channel you will now be able to enter the IP address of the LAN-520. Then save the controller settings.

    LAN-520 IP Settings

  14. At this point you may wish to look at the Live Events grid.
  15. Within a few seconds the controller should come online.

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