Milestone XProtect Integration User Guide

Milestone XProtect Integration User Guide

1.0 Introduction

This document explains how to use the Milestone XProtect Smart Client once you have installed and configured the Doors.NET Plugin.


This document makes the following assumptions:

  • You have already added IP cameras to your XProtect software
  • Cardholders and hardware have already been added and configured
    in Doors.NET
  • You have followed the instructions outlined in the Milestone Integration Setup Guide for associating cameras with the doors.

This short document explains how you can view the real-time events generated by the access control system, view door information and live video feeds from cameras which have been associated with the doors, view the physical door status (open, closed, forced, etc). It explains how you can lock and unlock the doors and how to view cardholder information and cardholder images.

2.0 System Requirements

  • Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5

  • Microsoft Windows 7 Professional or newer Windows operating system

  • Keri Doors.NET and newer versions

  • Milestone video system with valid XProtect Access Base License and XProtect Access Door License


3.0 Supported XProtect Versions

Supported Milestone XProtect 2014, 2016 or 2017 versions:

- XProtect® Express
- XProtect® Professional
- XProtect® Expert
- XProtect® Corporate
- XProtect® Enterprise


4.0 Licensing Requirements

4.1 Milestone License for XProtect Access

You must contact Milestone Systems to purchase required licenses before Milestone XProtect Access integration will work.

XProtect Access is licensed through the following licensing scheme:

  1. XProtect Access Base License (XPABL) which unlocks all functions related to XProtect Access
  2. XProtect Access Door License (XPADL) that enables a single physical door in XProtect Access

4.2 Licensing for Doors.NET Plugin Integration with Milestone XProtect Access

Your Keri Doors.NET Application Server license should have the following feature activated for integration with Milestone XProtect Access:

  • Video Integration Clients – must be licensed for at least one client.

    NOTE: On some older versions of Doors.NET this setting will appear as 'OnSSI Client'


5.0 Using Doors.NET Pugin with Milestone XProtect Access

Login to Milestone XProtect Smart Client.

XProtect Login

5.1 View System Events

  1. Once logged in go to the ACCESS CONTROL tab.
  2. The  access control page initially displays the events grid. The events grid will display event history for all events supported by the Doors.NET Plugin.

    Access Control Events

  3. You can review recorded video clips related to events, generate reports and perform additional actions.
  4. You can filter the events list by using selectable controls which are located above the events grid.

    Selectable Controls

6.0 View the Doors Information and Live Video

The second tab on the Access Control screen is Doors. Here you will see a list of all doors which have been added to XProtect. Also displayed will be the real-time status of the door (whether the door is open, closed, forced or held open).


- The maximum number of doors which can be added to XProtect is controlled by the door count defined in your XProtect Access license.
- The Doors.NET system might contain more Doors that are not visible in DOORS VIEW because customer did not purchase enough XPADL licenses to see all Doors at same time.
- You can modify which Doors are visible by running Milestone XProtect Management Application and edit Access Control Integration or enable specific Doors to be visible in DOORS VIEW.


XProtect Doors Listed


On the right side of the screen you will see live video from the camera associated with the selected door.

Beneath the live video window there is door information and door control buttons.


Live Video and Door Information


7.0 Controlling the Doors

From the Access Control doors tab, select the door that you wish to control. Click on either the Lock, Unlock or Temp Unlock buttons.


Door Control Buttons


8.0 Cardholders

The third tab on the Access Control screen is Cardholders. It displays a list of all Doors.NET cardholder records that have one or more credentials assigned.


Cardholder List


Select a cardholder record - a window will populate with the cardholder's details (cardholder image, activation and deactivation dates, card number, card imprint and card type).


You can click on the VIEW CARDHOLDER EVENTS button to retrieve a list of historical access control events associated with the cardholder. You will also see if there are any available video clips associated with the cardholder events.


Card Details


For large cardholder databases you can you the search facility for retrieving cardholder records. Simply enter a first name or last name. As you type, any matching entries will be listed.

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