NXT 2D/4D Controller Factory Reset

NXT 2D/4D Controller Factory Reset

Keri recommends resetting NXT controllers the first time these controllers are powered on. Also, under certain circumstances NXT controllers may need to be reset.

Note: Factory resetting a standard NXT controller will restore the controller to a factory default state. It removes all network

configuration data assigned to the controller such as the IP Address, Subnet Mask, and Gateway address.

Reset a Standard NXT Controller

  1. Remove power from the NXT controller.
  2. Ensure a Jumper is across the J3 header (refer to the drawing on page 1). The Jumper can remain on J3 at all times.
  3. Press the S1 switch and hold it down while applying power. Keep the button pressed until the Reset LED (D48) is lit.
  4. This indicates the reset routine has begun. Once the LED is lit, the button can be released.
  5. The Reset is complete when the Reset LED goes off.


Restore Configuration Information to a Reset Controller

1.  In Doors.NET under Setup > Hardware Setup > Panels, click on the controller that was reset.

2.  When the Communication field shows the controller is Online click the Update Network icon on the ribbon bar.

3.  Click the Live Events tab and watch for the Update Network Completed event message. 
     When this message is posted the controller’s configuration information is restored.

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