NXT 4-D Controller Wiring Diagram

NXT 4-D Controller Wiring Diagram

NXT 4D Wiring
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      Size (Enclosure): 13.125” H x 10.625” W x 3.06” D (33.34 cm x 26.99 cm x 7.77 cm) Size (PC Board): 5.6” H x 6.6” W x 2.55” D (14.28 cm x 16.83 cm x 2.55 cm) Weight (In Enclosure): 4.95 Lbs (2.25 Kgs) Input Voltage: + 12 VDC nom. (10 - 14 VDC) Current ...
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      NXT Controller Setup NXT 4 door controller Introduction This document covers the basic configuration of NXT controllers in Doors.NET software. It assumes Doors.NET has already been successfully installed on your host PC, the software license has been ...
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      1.0 Introduction When you run the Doors.NET installer you will see an Application Requirements window. This window will inform you if standard NXT controllers need a firmware upgrade and the version they should be upgraded to.     There will also be ...
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      CSA Certification for NXT Controllers
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      1.0 Introduction This document contains basic information for the installation of the NXT 2 door and NXT 4 door controller. 2.0 Product Specifications 2.1 Unit Dimensions • NXT 2D/4D controller PCB - 6.75 inches high by 6.00 inches wide by 1.75 ...