NXT 4D Controller Data Sheet

NXT 4D Controller Data Sheet

 NXT 4-Door Controller Data Sheet (attached)

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      NXT 2-Door Controller Data Sheet (attached)
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      Size (Enclosure): 13.125” H x 10.625” W x 3.06” D (33.34 cm x 26.99 cm x 7.77 cm) Size (PC Board): 5.6” H x 6.6” W x 2.55” D (14.28 cm x 16.83 cm x 2.55 cm) Weight (In Enclosure): 4.95 Lbs (2.25 Kgs) Input Voltage: + 12 VDC nom. (10 - 14 VDC) Current ...
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      1.0 Basic Principles of TCP/IP Network Communications Every device that is added to a TCP/IP network has a unique IP address that is made up of four octets usually represented in dotted-decimal notation (i.e. The IP address can be ...
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      Keri recommends resetting NXT controllers the first time these controllers are powered on. Also, under certain circumstances NXT controllers may need to be reset. Note: Factory resetting a standard NXT controller will restore the controller to a ...