NXT Exit Reader Setup

NXT Exit Reader Setup

1.0 Introduction

Keri NXT controllers with Mercury Firmware now provide an Entrance/Exit reader door control feature/configuration. This Entrance/Exit feature allows two readers to be wired into one bus on the NXT controller to control entrance and exit through that one door. Access requests entering through the door use a standard NXT-R reader (designated as an Entrance Reader). Access Requests exiting through that same door use an NXT-RE reader (designated as an Exit reader). Otherwise, all specifications and wiring information for the two reader types are identical.


By default all Doors.NET license keys have the NXT Exit reader enabled. Older license keys for NXT Mercury Powered controllers may not have this option enabled. Verify your Doors.NET license has this feature enabled before configuring your entrance and exit readers in the software.


NOTE: The NXT Exit reader can ONLY be used on the NXT Mercury Powered controllers.


2.0 NXT Reader Wiring

An NXT Exit Reader is wired to a bus the same way a standard NXT Entrance Reader is wired, but both readers are wired to the same bus. This can be done using two separate reader cables wired into the terminal block at the bus on the controller, or by splicing the two readers together near the door and running one cable to the controller.


 On power-up, the Exit reader's LED will flash red, then green, then it will remain at amber.



3.0 NXT Exit Reader Licensing

  1. Open the LicenseManager.exe program in the folder where your instance of Doors.NET is installed (typically in the C:\Keri\DoorsNET folder).
  2. Click the License tab and scroll through the list of license values until you locate the “Enable NXT Exit Reader” line item. This item should be set to “True.”

NXT Exit Reader Licensed

  1. If this item is NOT set to True, you must contact Keri Systems’ Inside Sales department to have your license updated.

  2. Click on the Hardware Setup icon from the Setup tab, then click the 'All' tab.
  3. Highlight the bus into which both the NXT-R (In) reader and the NXT-RE (Out) reader are wired.


Highlight the bus


  1. The Add NXT Exit Reader Icon icon will be displayed on the ribbon bar. Click this icon and you will see the following message.


NXT Exit Reader Setup Prompt


  1. Click Yes to the above message and an NXT Exit reader will be added to the bus in the hardware tree.
  2. Highlight the new reader in the hardware tree and in the properties, give it a description. The reader will be automatically configured as the exit reader for that bus.

NXT Exit Reader - Master Slave

  1. A valid card read at each of the readers will activate the same strike relay but the reader locations in Live Events will be different.

NXT Exit - Live Events

  1. The entrance and exit readers can be assigned to completely different access groups.

Separate Readers

  1. Transaction reports can also be run on the readers independently. Click Reports >> Transactions, then from the Report Type drop down list, select All Messages (Reader). You will see that both the readers appear in the Hardware Selection list.

NXT Exit Reader Reports

  1. You can also run a report that includes both the readers, should you wish to.

NXT Exit Reader Reports Results

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