NXT-MSC Controller - Advanced and Extended Features

NXT-MSC Controller - Advanced and Extended Features

1. 0 Introduction

The NXT-MSC (Mercury-Powered) controller is programmed with the firmware of a Mercury EP1502 controller. It has all the standard and advanced functionality of an EP1502, such as: temporary cards (by use count, number of days or time/date), anti-passback, dual verification, area control, airlock/mantrap, occupancy counting, basic I/O control, custom I/O linkage actions (using Local Linkage or Global Linkage), Situation Manager and custom Wiegand Credential Formats - but it also has extended functionality that is not offered by the EP1502.

This document outlines those extended features that are exclusive to the NXT-MSC 2D or 4D controller.

2.0 Control Up to Four Doors From a Single Controller

The NXT-MSC controller is available as a 2-door or a 4-door controller. When using Mercury hardware a minimum of 2 controllers would be required to control 4 doors.

2.1 Controlling 4 Doors with an NXT-MSC-4D controller

2.2 Controlling 4 Doors Using Mercury Hardware

3.0 In and Out Readers for Any Door

When using the NXT-MSC controller with the Doors.NET software and NXT or OSDP readers, you can have IN and OUT readers on any of the doors... you simply wire an entry reader and an exit reader into the same bus and both readers will control access to the same door. When using Mercury hardware you would need a 2-door controller for each door and the readers would then be 'paired'.

Note: NXT readers are also capable of reading 125kHz HID credentials.

3.1 In and Out Readers Using an NXT-MSC Controller

This example illustrates 2 doors being controlled - each with an entry and an exit reader. 

3.2 In and Out Readers Using Mercury Hardware

The same setup using Mercury controllers would require two separate 2-door controllers and paired readers.

4.0 Support for Multiple Reader Technologies

As well as supporting Wiegand and OSDP readers and keypads (which are available on the EP1502), the NXT-MSC controller also supports 8-bit or 26-bit keypads, Keri NXT and Keri MS readers (when combined with the low-cost NXT reader interface modules). In addition, the NXT readers can read both NXT credentials and 125kHz HID credentials.

5.0 Multiple Hardware Options for Elevator Control

It has always been possible to use NXT-MSC controllers for Elevator Control with the NXT 4x4 or the NXT GIOX modules but Doors.NET and NXT-MSC now also supports Elevator Control using Mercury's MR16IN and MR16OUT modules. Each controller bus can support up to 19 panels (either MR16IN or MR16OUT) with a maximum of 31 panels per controller.

MR16OUT output modules can be used for Elevator Control - Without Floor Select, or you can use a combination of MR16IN and MR16OUT modules for Elevator Control - With Floor Select.

6.0 Integration with Allegion LE and NDE Wireless Locks

The NXT-MSC with Doors.NET and the Allegion Gateway can be used for integration with the Allegion NDE and LE series wireless locks. The Allegion Gateway communicates to the NXT-MSC controller via an RS-485 connection and the gateway then communicates to the wireless locks via Bluetooth. Each gateway can communicate with up to 10 locks (10 locks per controller bus).

7.0 Integration with Allegion AD Series Locks

The NXT-MSC controller with Doors.NET software supports integration with the Allegion AD300 and AD400 locksets. Communication to the AD300 locks is via an RS-485 link between all the locks and you can communicate with up to 60 locks per NXT-MSC controller. Communication to the AD400 locks is via an RS-485 link to a KPIM-400 (panel interface module) which, in turn, communicates wirelessly to the AD-400 wireless locks. The maximum number of AD400 locks per KPIM module is 16 - for a maximum of 32 AD400 locks per NXT-2D and 64 locks per NXT-4D controller)

7.1 Integration with Allegion AD300 Locks

7.2 Integration with Allegion AD400 Locks

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