NXT-MSC Controller - Feature Highlights

NXT-MSC Controller - Feature Highlights

NXT Mercury-Powered (MSC) 2D/4D Controller Feature Highlights


• Temporary Cards (automatic card expiration) by use count, number of days or date/time
• Supervisor Cards, 2 Man Rule, Man Trap/Airlock
• Area Control for Local Anti-Passback, Global APB (all types), and Occupancy Counting
 Local Anti-Passback and Global Anti-Passback (timed, user-based, reader-based or nested).
• Supports Anti-Passback-exempt and PIN-exempt per cardholder
• Configurable up to 32 Access Groups per cardholder
• First Person In by Cardholder Group


• Credential Types Library and Wiegand Format Builder, can be specified for each reader (maximum of 8 Credential Types)
• Door Contact, REX and all other inputs can have sensitivity settings (Debounce and Hold times)
• LED and Beeper configurability (color, timing, duration)
• Suspend and Restore door parameters on auto lock or unlock
• Turnstile Mode to cancel access granted if turnstile is aborted
• Card or PIN, or PIN-only mode at reader, with adjustable PIN violation counter to lock out or deactivate card
• Check with Host before granting access function to allow operator to grant access
• Disable REX by schedule, both REX1 and REX2, each can be on separate schedule
• Support minimum strike time, not just a maximum
• Longer maximum door held open time, up to 36 hours
• Supports Pre-Alarm warning on Door Held Open, allows local linkage to beep reader before the held open alarm sounds
• Supports Duress and Duress Deny
• Supports Double Card Presentation to trigger a linkage macro


• Advanced Local Linkage sophisticated I/O macros
• Elevator Control with Floor Select Reporting
• Advanced Situation Manager to define system behavior based on pre-defined conditions
• 6 state Supervision on inputs
• Entry and Exit Delay on inputs (latched or non latched), input mask reporting and logging
• Masking of inputs can be set to a schedule, reports masking of door contact and other inputs, can log input changes even when masked


• 255 vs (64) Time Schedules and Holidays per list, supports Vacation Days and Special Event Days
• Holidays definable by controller 


Allows In/Out readers on the same reader port when using NXT readers, doubling controller capacity
• Allows In/Out readers on the same reader port when using NXT readers, doubling controller capacity
• Support for Assa Abloy Aperio and Allegion AD Series wireless 

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