NXT-MSC Controller - Firmware Upgrade

NXT-MSC Controller - Firmware Upgrade

When you run the installer you will see a notification if the MSC controller firmware needs upgrading.


New firmware prompt

You will also see a notification in live events when a new controller is added to the system.

Firmware Upgrade Required


Perform the following steps to upgrade the controller firmware.


Note: It takes approximately 2 minutes to upgrade the controller firmware but there is minimal system downtime because the controller will continue to function throughout most of the upgrade process. There is just a few seconds at the end of the process where the controller will not be functioning, during which time the controller will go offline then back online again.


  1. If a firmware upgrade is required, the required revision is listed in the Status Messages grid.
  2. Highlight the controller in the hardware tree.
  3. Click on the Firmware Upgrade icon on the toolbar ribbon.

    Firmware Upgrade Icon

  4. Windows Explorer automatically opens a window where the new firmware revision resides.
  5. Select the correct .CRC file and click Open.
    MSC Controller New Firmware File

  6. A notification message appears stating that the controller will go offline momentarily. Click YES and the new firmware file will be sent.

    MSC Upgrade Notification

  7. Go to live events and you will see a Firmware Upgrade Has Started message.

    MSC Upgrade Started

  8. Within approximately 2 minutes you will then see a Firmware Upgrade has Completed message (followed by numerous messages that are generated as the controller performs a self test).

    MSC FW Completed

  9. Go to the Controllers grid and you will see that the new firmware version will be shown.

    MSC Upgrade Verify

Your MSC controller is now ready for configuration and operation

Note: Typically a firmware upgrade is to a newer version, but downgrading to an older version is allowed. However each Doors.NET software revision has minimum firmware revision requirements. Proper software and hardware operation is not guaranteed if you downgrade to a firmware revision that is out-of-date for the software revision installed.

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