NXT-MSC - Controller Internal Configuration

NXT-MSC - Controller Internal Configuration

Effective from Doors.NET v4.0.3 it is now possible to make various controller configuration changes within Doors.NET rather than via a web browser. This section explains how to access the controller internal configuration and which configuration options can be changed within Doors.NET.


 1.0 Access Controller Internal Configuration Options

  1. Log into Doors.NET (the default user name and password are both admin).
  2. Enable Design Mode by clicking the design mode icon: - the title bar will state Doors.NET [Design Mode].
  3. Go to Setup >> Hardware Setup >> All to display the hardware tree.
  4. Right click on an NXT-MSC controller on the hardware tree and select: 'internal Controller Configuration'.

    Internal Config

  5. Select one of the available configuration web pages from the Web Page pull-down menu.
  6. Then click the refresh button.
  7. The appropriate controller settings will then appear on the right-side of the window. Any settings which are not grayed-out can be edited.

    Web Page


 2.0 Controller Network Settings

These are the controller network settings that can be adjusted:

  • Host Name - this is the host description for the controller. By default it displays the controller's MAC address.

  • Network Method - The controller IP address can either be static or set to DHCP.

  • IP Address - This is the IP address that is assigned to the controller.

  • Subnet Mask - The Subnet Mask for the controller.

  • Default Gateway - The default Gateway IP address for the controller.


 3.0 Session Settings

  • Password Strength - Configures the minimum password strength for the controller.

  • Session Timeout - Configures the web session timeout value for this controller.


 4.0 Web Connection Settings

  • Diagnostic Logging - Select this option to create diagnostic information that will be written to the debug file every 15 minutes (or when the MSC gateway service is restarted.

  • Disable Default User - Allows you to disable the default admin/password account.

  • Door Forced Filter - Enable/disable filtering of door-forced events for this controller.

  • SNMP - Enable/Disable the SNMP setting for this controller

  • Web Server - Enables/Disables the Web Server for this controller

  • Zeroconf Discover - Enables/Disables the Zeroconf discovery for this controller (used when scanning for NXT-MSC controllers.


 5.0 Auto Save Settings

  • Auto Save - Enable/disable the controller automatically saving settings when a configuration change is detected.

  • Delay before Save - Specifies how much time to wait after host configuration change before starting the save. The timer can be specified between 30 seconds and 30 minutes.

  • Restore - Restore the controller from its last saved settings. If disabled, the controller will clear its current configuration and it will force a full download. This is the most secure option - For most systems the recommendation is for Restore to be enabled.

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