NXT RIM-WI-PLUS Module Installation Guide

NXT RIM-WI-PLUS Module Installation Guide

1.0 Introduction

This guide explains how to install and configure the NXT Wiegand-Only Plus Reader Interface Module which is a permanent replacement for the WI (Wiegand-Only) module.

The module connects directly onto one of the communication buses of the NXT or NXTMSC controller. Once connected, the module configures the controller to recognize Wiegand readers and credentials. The default configuration for the module is for a single-line LED Wiegand reader.

The module also supports dual line LED readers and the NXT-6RK keypad (which reads NXT credentials).


2.0Wiring and Layout Diagram

NXT WI Plus 

Note: The NXT-WI Plus module is distinguished from the RM3 module by the red colored SW1 and SW2 switches (the RM3 reader interface module has white colored SW1 and SW2 switches).


3.0Wiring Information

Wiring table

Note: For all other Wiegand reader types, please refer to the reader manufacturer's color code.

3.1 Reader Shield Grounding

Note: The shield/drain wire of any reader/peripheral cables MUST be terminated to one of the following points-any corner screw attaching the controller to the enclosure, Pin 3 of TB10, the green ground lug (J6) on the controller, or the ground lug of the enclosure.  Failure to properly earth ground the reader/peripheral drain wire may result in unreliable communication or operation of the attached peripheral.


  • When mounted on the controller:

- 1.8 inches high by 2.00 inches wide by 2.50 inches deep, not including wiring connectors.

- 4.6 cm by 5.1 cm by 6.35 cm.


4.2Power/Current Requirements
  • 10 to 14 VDC @ 100 mA (maximum current draw at 12 VDC).

4.3Operating Conditions
  • 32°F to 150°F (0°C to 60°C) – 0% to 90% Relative Humidity, non-condensing.


4.4Cable Requirements

The total RIM to reader cable length must be less than 500 feet.

Note: On long cable runs, cable resistance causes a drop in voltage at the end of the cable run. Ensure the appropriate power and current for your device is available at the device (and at the end of the cable run).


WI Plus Cables


* Note: Heavier gauges than those listed are always acceptable.


5.0Configuring the NXT RIM-WI Plus

The RIM-WI Plus can be configured to support any Wiegand-compatible readers or it can support the NXT-6RK keypad. You can also configure the reader for single-line or dual line LED mode. The default settings is for the module to be configured for Wiegand single-line LED. Once in programming mode, first you select which reader type will be used, then you select if it will be single-line or dual line.

  1. Hold down SW1 and SW2 switches for approximately 4 seconds.
  2. All 7 LEDs will blink three times.

  3. Release both SW1 and SW2, and the unit is now in configuration mode.
  4. Once in configuration mode, SW1 steps between options - SW2 selects the currently displayed option.

  5. Press SW1 to step through the supported reader types (see the image in section 2.0). Each press of SW1 will step to the next reader type.

  6. When the desired reader type LED is illuminated, press SW2. The reader type is now set.

  7. Once the reader type has been selected you are then ready to configure the RIM’s LED line control mode.

  8. Press SW1 to step through the supported LED line configuration types. Each press of SW1 will step to the next LED line type.

  9. When the desired LED line control mode LED is illuminated, press SW2. The LED line control mode is now set.

  10. Press SW2 twice and the RIM is now configured and the unit reboots to accept the new parameters.

  11. The RIM’s LEDs will be off for about 10 seconds as the unit resets itself. All seven LEDs will flash as the unit is rebooting with the new configuration parameters. When the LEDs stop flashing, the unit is operational.

Note: Do not remove power from the RIM during the reboot process. Loss of power during rebooting will invalidate any configuration changes you have made.


6.0Verifying RIM Module Configuration

The corresponding reader type and line control mode LEDs are illuminated during operation. Refer to the drawing in section 2.0 for switch and LED locations, and the table in section 3.0 for switch and LED definitions to confirm your configuration settings.


Config table


* Table is valid for RIM Firmware v03.01.10 and later. Please upgrade your firmware as necessary.