NXT-RM3 Module - Installation Guide

NXT-RM3 Module - Installation Guide


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      1.0 Introduction This guide explains how to install and configure the NXT Wiegand-Only Plus Reader Interface Module which is a permanent replacement for the WI (Wiegand-Only) module. The module connects directly onto one of the communication buses of ...
    • NXT Reader Interface Module Specifications

      Specifications  Size  • When mounted on the NXT Controller - 6.50 inches high by 5.50 inches wide by 2.50 inches deep, not including wiring connectors - 16.51 cm by 13.97 cm by 6.35 cm 2.2 Power/Current Requirements • 10 to 14 VDC @ 100 mA (maximum ...
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      CSA Certification for NXT 4x4 Modules and NXT RIM
    • What is the WI Plus Module?

      A. The NXT-WI Plus module supersedes the NXT-WI module. As is true with the NXT-WI module, it can only be configured for Wiegand output but you can change the LED mode (single-line or dual line LED mode) using the SW switches on the module. It can be ...
    • Do you have a wiring diagram for the RM3 module?

      Here is a wiring diagram for the NXT RM3 Reader Interface Module: Reader Wiring