Photo ID License Activation - Offline

Photo ID License Activation - Offline


This article walks you through the process of activating the Doors.NET Photo ID client using the offline, phone method.

Ensure Badging is Enabled on Your Doors.NET License

The first thing you should do is check that your Doors.NET system has the badging feature enabled:
  1. From the Windows Start menu, go to Doors.NET >> License Manager.
  2. The Doors.NET License Manager window will open.
  3. Select the Application Server listed on the left.
  4. Then click on the License tab.
  5. Scroll down the list of license settings and locate Badging Clients. Ensure the # is greater than 0. If the value is at 0 you would need to contact Keri inside sales.

  6. Close the License Manager window.

  1. A separate license key is also required for any PC that will be printing or creating badge.
  2. When activating Photo ID license via Internet you MUST run the activation utility 'As Administrator'.

Activating Your Photo ID License Key via Phone

The following steps assume you have already done the following:
  1. Worked through the steps of performing a custom install and selecting to install the Photo ID components.
  2. Purchased and been provided with a Photo ID license key.

For the following steps you will need your PHOTO ID license which you should have received via e-mail from Keri Systems Inside Sales...
  1. From the Windows Start Menu go to All Programs >> EPI Builder Run-Time 6.

  2. Right-click Activate EPI Builder Runtime License and select 'Run As Administrator'.

  3. It is very important to do this because on certain versions of Windows you may be logged in as a Systems Administrator but this does not automatically grant you full administrative rights to all features and programs.
  4. The EPI license activation window will appear so you can enter your Photo ID license in the text field. Your license should begin: IW EB RF N...
  5. Enter your license key then click OK.

  6. The Product Registration Form appears next for you to enter your personal information.

  7. Select Activate by Phone.
  8. The phone Product Activation Window will appear, along with your Activation Request Number.

  9. Call ImageWare Systems on the following number - 001 858 673 8600 and quote your product serial number and the activation request number. If you are located outside of the US you can e-mail this information to
  10. You will be provided with an activation code. Enter this code into the three text fields.
  11. Click OK a final time. You Photo ID client is now licensed and ready to use.
  12. Click Exit on the last screen to close the EPI License Manager.

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