Powering The PXL-500 Controller for the First Time

Powering The PXL-500 Controller for the First Time

Note: Verify the earth ground1 has been connected at pin 3 of TB-2 before turning the power on for the first time.

Note: Do not connect the 12 VDC power supply’s terminal block output to the TB-2 connector on the PXL-500/PXL-510 controller until you have completed all the steps.

Verify the 12 VDC Supply Voltage

To verify the 12 VDC supply voltage:
1. Set the DVM to a DC volt scale capable of reading 12 VDC.
2. Turn the power supply ON.
3. Place the Red DVM lead on the power supply’s terminal block output - Pin 1.
4. Place the Black DVM lead on the power supply’s terminal block output - Pin 2.
5. Check the DVM reading. It should read between +12 VDC to +14 VDC.
6. If the DVM does not read between +12 VDC to +14 VDC, verify the power supply is of the correct voltage, verify the cable length does not exceed 200 feet, and verify the cable gauge is AWG 18. This problem must be corrected before power can be supplied to the controller.
7. Turn the power supply OFF.
8. Connect the power supply’s terminal block output to the TB-2 connector on the PXL-500/PXL-510 controller.
9. The controller is now ready to be powered ON.

Note: On long power cable runs, keep in mind the resistance in the cable itself causes a drop in voltage at the end of the run. The power supply must be able to account for this voltage drop. 

Verify the Wiegand Reader Supply Voltage

All Keri Systems proximity readers can use from 5 to 12 VDC power while some Wiegand compatible readers use only 5 VDC. For Wiegand configured PXL-500 controllers, there is a warning LED on the mother board to indicate if the controller is applying 12 VDC to the Wiegand compatible reader. If your Wiegand compatible reader does operate on 5 VDC no changes need to be made; the default position for the jumper is set to 5 VDC power. If your Wiegand compatible reader requires 12 VDC, turn the controller power off and move the jumper on JP5 (at the lower left-hand corner of the controller) from pins 2-3 to pins 1-2. When power is restored, the warning LED will turn on indicating 12 VDC is being supplied to the Wiegand compatible reader. 
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