PXL-500 Controller Address Change

PXL-500 Controller Address Change

PXL - Change Controller Address

Viewing the Controller's Address

To view the controller address, click S1. The controller address will appear on the display for a few seconds.


Setting the Controller's Address

  1. To set the desired operating address for the controller, verify the jumper to JP10 is NOT installed (if the jumper on JP10 is installed, the controller RAM will be reset when the power is turned on).
  2. Hold the S1 Options Button down and turn the controller's power on. The beeper for the reader attached to the controller will beep as power comes on.
  3. Release S1.
  4. The address display LEDs then become active and the controller's address can be set. If an Alpha/Numeric Display is connected to the controller, “ADDRESS CHANGE” will appear on the display.
  5. The address range is from 1 to 128 (the Master Controller must be set to address 1). Quickly double clicking S1 toggles between increasing and decreasing the controller address. The top LED character will display either a "+" or a "-" to show which direction is active. A single click of S1 changes the controller address by 1. If you're at address 128, a +1 click will roll the address over to 1; conversely, if you're at address 1 a -1 click will roll the address over to 128. Holding S1 down rapidly scrolls through the addresses. After the new address has been set, you must wait approximately 30 seconds after releasing the S1 button. After 30 seconds, the selected address will be set.
  6. You will hear a beep-beep from the reader.
  7. The controller's address LEDs will then turn off.
  8. If an Alpha/Numeric Display is connected to the controller, “UNIT ##” will appear on the display - (where ## is the controller's address).
  9. To ensure the address change will be recognized by Doors.NET, power down the controller.
  10. Then, after verifying the JP10 jumper is NOT installed, apply power to the controller.
  11. The controller is now ready to be used with its new address.

Note: When the controller’s address is changed the RAM is automatically reset. A Total Update must be performed from Doors.

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