PXL-500 Controller Factory Reset

PXL-500 Controller Factory Reset

1.0 PXL-500 Standard Controller RAM Reset

If you're turning controller power on for the first time, or have just changed the EPROM/PIC, the PXL-500/PXL-510 controller RAM must be reset before performing any other action... this clears any spurious information that may be in the RAM in preparation for entering your access control information.


Important Note: Resetting the system RAM completely erases all information within the PXL-500/PXL-510 controller. If there is any information in system RAM from an access control installation and the system RAM is reset, the information in the controller is lost and cannot be recovered. To reload the information, an update will therefore need to be performed from the software. The controller address will not be affected by this reset procedure.


Before performing the reset, (for an existing, functioning controller), you should collect the events stored in the controller’s internal memory buffer if you need to run reports on system activity.


  1. Remove power from the controller.
  2. Ensure there is a jumper placed across both pins of JP10 (located above the address display).

    JP10 Jumper

  3. Hold down the white S1 button and then apply power.

    S1 button

  4. If a reader is connected it will beep twice.
  5. Continue to hold down the S1 button for a minimum of 10 seconds.
  6. Release the S1 button.
  7. The controller is now factory reset.


Note: You do NOT need to remove the jumper from the pins of JP10.



2.0 Extended Factory Reset

There is also an extended factory reset for the PXL-500 controller. This should only be used if the standard reset seems to fail.

  1. Remove power from the controller and all connectors.
  2. Insert a jumper across pins 1 and 2 of JP10 on the controller.
  3. Press and hold down the white S1 Options button as you apply the 12 VDC power. The power connector is the red connector (TB2).
  4. LED 8 will be solid green.
  5. Continue to hold-down the S1 button for at least 20 seconds.
  6. Release the white S1 button.
  7. Remove Power from the PXL-500 controller.
  8. Press and hold the S1 button for at least 20 seconds.
  9. Apply power again.
  10. LED will go solid green again. After approximately 7-10 seconds the LED 7 will turn on.
  11. Wait for LED 7 to turn off then back on.
  12. Release the S1 button.

  13. Remove the power connector TB 2.

  14. Reinstall all of the connectors - install the TB 2 power connector last.

  15. Perform an auto configuration operation from the software.

  16. Perform a controller update network to reload the database into the controller.

  17. The controller should be functioning properly.

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