PXL-500 + Doors.NET Access Rights

PXL-500 + Doors.NET Access Rights

PXL Access Rights Limitations

When using PXL controllers there are certain limitations related to the assignment of access groups. A cardholder can have up to 8 access groups assigned as long as no doors exist in more than one group and providing the doors for a particular controller are added to the same group.

Examples of Assigning PXL Access Rights to Cardholders
  1. PXL Cardholder Assigned Total Access:

    No other group can be assigned because all doors for all PXL controllers exists with the Total Access group.


PXL Access Rights - Img 1

  1. PXL Access Group - 1 PXL Controller in each access group

 An unlimited number of PXL access groups can be assigned when each group contains a separate PXL controller and as long as a controller does not exist in more than one group.

PXL Access Rights - Image 2

  1. PXL doors in different access groups

You cannot select multiple groups if PXL doors exist in two different access groups.


PXL Access Rights - Image 3

In the image above, controller 8 has its doors in different access groups and so these two access groups cannot both be assigned to the same cardholder. If a cardholder requires access to both these doors they need to be added to the same access group. As shown below:


PXL Access Rights - Image 4

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