PXL-500 - LED Definitions

PXL-500 - LED Definitions

1.0 Reader LED Responses to Access Control Events

During day-to-day activity, the reader will respond to access control events in a specific manner. The Table below provides a summary of the reader's LED and beeper actions during access control events:


EventReader's LED StatusReader's Beeper Status
Waiting for an eventdisplays a steady Amber LEDsilent
Access Granteddisplays a Green LED until the door is closed or the door unlock time is reachedone long Beep
Access Deniedflashes a Red LEDone short Beep
Door Alarmflashing Red LED for the duration of the alarm conditionpulsating Beep for the duration of the alarm condition
Door RTEdisplays a Green LED until the door is opened or the door unlock time is reachedone long Beep


 2.0 Controller LED Definitions

PXL LED Definitions


  • LED 1 (Fuse LED) - Indicates if there is a power problem and if the thermal power fuse is open. In normal operation this LED should be off.
  • LED 2 and LED 3 (TxD and RxD) - Both LEDs should be solid green when making a Serial connection.
  • LED 4 and LED 5 - Not Used.
  • LED 6 (Lock LED) - The lock LED will be solid green when the lock relay is active.
  • LED 7 (Alarm LED) - The alarm LED will be solid green when the alarm relay is active.
  • LED 8 (Power LED) - Indicates correct input power - LED will be solid green when the controller is receiving the correct voltage. It will be solid red if there is a power-problem.
  • LED 9 (Comms LED) - Indicates when the controller has good RS-485 comms. The LED will be flashing green when the controller is communicating on the RS-485 network.
  • LED 10 (Reader Voltage LED) - Indicates when the Wiegand reader output on a PXL-500W is set for 12VDC - LED is solid red when the Wiegand reader voltage is set to 12VDC

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