PXL-500G Vehicle Access Controller

PXL-500G Vehicle Access Controller

 PXL-500G Vehicle Access Data Sheet (Attached).

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      PXL Access Rights Limitations When using PXL controllers there are certain limitations related to the assignment of access groups. A cardholder can have up to 8 access groups assigned as long as no doors exist in more than one group and providing the ...
    • PXL-500 Controller Factory Reset

      1.0 PXL-500 Standard Controller RAM Reset If you're turning controller power on for the first time, or have just changed the EPROM/PIC, the PXL-500/PXL-510 controller RAM must be reset before performing any other action... this clears any spurious ...
    • PXL-500 Controller Data Sheet

      PXL-500 Controller Data Sheet (attached)
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      When Installing Controllers DO • If using modems for communication plan ahead to meet power and any telephone requirements for your system (1 phone line for the modem connected to the host computer and one for each master PXL-500/PXL-510 in each ...
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      PXL wiring between controllers (RS-485 connection) RS-485 wiring between secondary PXL controllers should be a daisy-chain topology. The RS-485 wires should go from one controller to the next on a linear data bus, as illustrated. Note: Star-type ...