PXL-500W Wiegand Reader Connecting

PXL-500W Wiegand Reader Connecting

The PXL-500W controller can be configured to accept input from single-line LED, dual-line LED, and Essex keypad Wiegand input devices (through the Doors.NET™ software).


Note: The Wiegand Reader must transfer data according to the Security Industry Association's Wiegand Reader Interface Standard (document number AC-01D-96). Keri Systems, Inc. cannot guarantee the performance or reliability of Wiegand Readers that do not meet these data transfer guidelines.


Note: All Keri Systems proximity readers use 12 VDC power while some Wiegand compatible readers use 5 VDC power. Check your reader's power requirements and verify jumper JP5 is set correctly per the Verify the Wiegand Reader Supply Voltage section on page 19.


Note: The wire colors called out in the images below are industry standard wire colors. However, some manufacturers may not follow these industry standard designations. Before installation, please refer to the Wiegand device’s manual to see if the device’s wire colors follow the industry standard. If not, then match the wire’s purpose to the call outs in Figures 5 and 6 before installation.

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