PXL-500 Controller Cable Requirements

PXL-500 Controller Cable Requirements

Cable Requirements

RS-232 Serial Cable

• four conductor, shielded, stranded, AWG 24 wire (Belden 9534 or a larger gauge)
• 50 feet maximum length (per RS-232 industry specification - greater lengths are not recommended)

RS-485 Network Cable

• two conductor, shielded, twisted pair, stranded, AWG 24 wire (Belden 9501 or a larger gauge)
• 16,000 feet total network length
• refer to the Network Wiring Application Note (P/N 01824-002) for specific network wiring information

Note: When wiring the RS-485 terminal block connector, be sure to use the smallest connector provided. TB1 is smaller than the other terminal blocks and will only accept the smallest terminal block connector provided.

Input Power

• two conductor, stranded, AWG 18 wire (Belden 8461 or a larger gauge)
• 200 foot maximum length for systems using an SB-293 with two readers

Note: On long power cable runs, the cable resistance causes a drop in voltage at the end of the cable run. Be sure your power supply does provide 12 VDC at the end of the cable run.

Earth Ground

• Single conductor, AWG 18 wire (or a larger gauge). Ground wire is green with or without yellow tracer.

Keri Systems Proximity Readers

• six conductor, shielded, stranded, AWG 24 wire (Belden 9536 or a larger gauge)
• four conductor, shielded, stranded, AWG 24 wire (Belden 9534 or a larger gauge) for the MS-4000 only (there is no beeper or LED in the MS-4000)

Maximum Cable Lengths by Wire Gauge for Proximity Readers

Cable Length by Wire Gauge

Reader Type
100 feet
250 feet
500 feet
AWG 24
AWG 24
AWG 24
AWG 24
AWG 24
AWG 24
AWG 24
AWG 24
AWG 24
AWG 24
AWG 24
AWG 20

Wiegand Compatible Readers

• four to seven conductor, shielded, stranded, wire – depending upon the Wiegand reader’s requirements
• a minimum gauge of AWG 24 is required for data transfer with a 500-foot maximum run length per Wiegand specification

Input and Output Connections

• two conductor, stranded, AWG 22 (or a larger gauge).

Note: The Lock Output relay may require a heavier gauge of wire depending upon the current demands of the lock and the length of the lock wiring run.

Note: If plenum cable is required, please reference the Belden plenum equivalent to the cables listed above.

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