PXL-500 Controller FAQs

  1. What reader types are supported with the PXL-500 controllers?
    The PXL-500P supports Keri MS series readers and the PXL-500W supports Wiegand readers.

  2. What type of backup battery is used on the PXL-500 controller?
    - The PXL-500 uses a CR2325 3 volt lithium battery.

  3. What is the maximum number of credentials supported by the PXL-500?
    - When using Borealis the maximum number of credentials is 10,000. When using Doors.NET the maximum number of credentials is 65,000 however, this is reduced to 19,220 if using Card + PIN or temporary cardholders.

  4. What advanced features are supported by the PXL controllers?
    As well as standard access control functions, the PXL controllers also support the following advanced functions:
    - Temporary cardholders
    - Card + PIN
    - Anti-passback
    - Global Unlock
    - Global Lock
    - I/O linkage (when using an SB-593 satellite board).

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