Replacing a PXL-500 Controller

Replacing a PXL-500 Controller

1.0 Introduction

If you need to replace a PXL-500 controller in the Doors.NET software, such as if it has been damaged, please use the following procedure to minimize the amount of system down-time:

2.0 Replacing a Primary PXL-500 Controller

  1. The first thing is to right-click and disconnect the controller in the hardware tree to drop
    the controller connection on the PXL gateway.

    PXL Disconnect

  2. Down-power the old controller.
  3. Remove the LAN-520 module, the USB COMMS Module or the serial cable.
  4. Ram reset the replacement controller and verify it is addressed as #1.
  5. Re-connect the host-controller communication device.
  6. Ensure the JP6 and JP7 jumpers are either OFF for a LAN-520 module or ON for a serial connection.
  7. You do not need to program a LAN-520 as it will retain its TCP/IP settings.
  8. Power up the controller again.
  9. Right-click the PXL Primary in the hardware tree again and select Connect.
  10. The controller should come online almost immediately.
  11. You can check the online status in the controllers grid.

    PXL Status

3.0 Replacing a Secondary PXL-500 Controller

  1. Down-power the Secondary PXL controller.

  2. Install the new controller, ram reset it, then set the address to the same # as the old controller.

  3. Power the controller back up again.

  4. Within about 5 seconds the replacement controller should come online.

  5. After about 30 seconds an update will be sent to the controller automatically. You can view the update progress events in live events.

Note: Always ensure you use the connectors that come with the replacement controller (such as for the readers, power, RS-485 network and serial connection).

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