Replacing an NXT 2D or 4D Controller

Replacing an NXT 2D or 4D Controller

If you need to replace an NXT 2-door or 4-door controller in the Doors.NET software, such as if it has been damaged, please use the following procedure to minimize the amount of system down-time:
  1. Right-click the old NXT controller in the hardware tree (Setup >> Hardware Setup >> All) and choose Disconnect.

    NXT Controller Disconnect

  2. With the controller still highlighted refer to the controller properties on the right.
  3. Ensure Advanced View is enabled.

    Advanced View

  4. Locate the controller's MAC address in the General settings; it begins 00-14-34.
  5. Remove the last 3 segments of the MAC address.

    MAC Address

  6. Enter the last 3 segments of the MAC address of the replacement controller.
  7. Click the save icon Save.
  8. Physically install, then factory reset the replacement controller.
  9. Select the NXT gateway in the hardware tree and click the auto-config button.
  10. Auto-config should detect the replacement controller and it will appear in the available controllers grid. The old controller description and IP address will also show.
  11. Click Apply to the detected settings and the auto-config will complete.

    Auto config results

  12. The replacement controller will now be online and it will have all the old controller's configuration and settings.

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